Monday, June 21, 2010

U. S. House adjourns until tomorrow, 6/22. Still time to call on Disclose Act

 The House met this morning at 11:00, had their opening prayer, and adjourned at 11:03. Pelosi must not yet have the votes for H.R 5175
If you have not called, please put in a forceful call right now to your Congressman   If we defeat this in the House, we won't be calling the Senators again about it.
Your First Amendment rights will be trampled by H. R. 5175!
  • Congressman John W. Olver , 202-225-5335
  • Congressman Richard E. Neal, 202-225-5601
  • Congressman James P. McGovern, 202-225-6101
  • Congressman Barney Frank, 202-225-5931
  • Congressman Niki Tsongas, 202-225-3411
  • Congressman John F. Tierney, 202-225-8020
  • Congressman Edward J. Markey, 202-225-2836
  • Congressman Michael Capuano, 202-225-5111
  • Congressman Stephen F. Lynch, 202-225-8273
  • Congressman William D. Delahunt, 202-225-3111
Today's adjournment is very encouraging.  You are doing good work!  
Thanks for this call and all you do,
PS  In an opinion released a few minutes age, Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion on giving material support to terrorists.  He says,  "Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends"  How many times we have said that about groups tied to abortion - the most recent being the health care debate.  Well, it's on the record now - our argument passes Supreme Court muster!
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