Sunday, June 27, 2010


Obamacare: abortion funding, rationing, denial of care based on age or disability, and the slashing of conscience rights for doctors and patients.  The implementation of these horrors is proving even worse than we predicted!
The government must facilitate ethical, affordable, life-affirming health care.  The first step is repeal.  We will not repeal Obamacare unless we keep it in the public eye.  We will not elect good candidate unless we keep it in the public eye!  Obama and Pelosi and Reid hope that people will forget about it until too late. 

At the Annual Meeting that MCFL we launched a statewide petition drive calling on Congress to repeal Obamacare.  It is up to us - to you and me - to keep Obamacare on the front burner!  As you collect names on these petitions, you will be educating people, keeping the buzz high, and getting huge numbers of names to send to Congress.  Your work will impact the fall elections and the way every Congressman votes!
We will bring all the petitions to present to our members of Congress at the March for Life in January.  We must collect the names now so that we can contact these people and educate them about Obamacare and the elections. 
Please go to the website to print out the petition, You will also see an example of the "push" card.  We have thousands of these informative cards for you to hand out which we'll be glad to send to you. Please let us know how many you want and where to send them.  Email <> or call the MCFL office (617-242-4199) for your cards. 

As you fill petitions, please return them to the MCFL office, 529 Main Street, Charlestown, 02129.  You can put one stamp on an envelope that has five petitions in it. So fill five and then five more... 
Your work will make a real difference! 
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