Friday, August 7, 2009

How you and I will stop Obamacare!

"Obamacare is arguably the single most important issue of our time. It's not about taxes, debt, wasteful spending or burdensome regulations it's about our very lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Americans seriously need to wake up and see the horror staring them in the face, and then they need to let their elected representatives know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what they think of Obamacare." whistleblower

What do pro-lifers think of when we think of Obamacare?

abortion, euthanasia, denial of care, "death counseling", rationing, no choice of insurance or provider, life and death decisions made by some czar, no conscience rights for doctors or patients

Is it possible to correct these things? Some pro life congressmen tried to put in wording saying abortion would not be involved - wording was voted down! If euthanasia were removed, there would be nothing left of the plan.

But if the bill could have everything that is anti - life removed, would it be acceptable? Let's face it: officially, Mass Citizens deals with the life issues. We know it is impossible to remove the anti-life underpinnings of the plan but, even if it were possible, as individuals we have to be scared by this bill for other reasons.

We know that Massachusetts has run out of money covering just "universal insurance". This bill would be "universal health care". Trying to cover everything would be like the clunkers and would run out of money just as quickly. According to reports, a national health card would be required with access to personal bank accounts.

And we all know we have the best coverage of any country in the world right now.

I bring up health care with everyone I talk to, especially strangers. Almost everyone is opposed but doesn't realize that other people are also opposed because of the media coverage.

You wonder what we can do in Massachusetts. I'll tell you. We need to make every bit as much noise as people in the rest of the country. Even if it doesn't convince our Congressmen, they will go back to Washington after vacation and complain about how we were all over the place. That will influence the Congressmen who might change. The perception has to be that everyone is against it and we have to add to that perception.

Here is what has happened so far:

Markey's office has said he can probably meet with us.

Olver's office said he wasn't planning meetings but the people are keeping after him and his staff may be be softening

Tsongas has actually scheduled "Town Meetings" (schedule below). Good for her!

When we were meeting with Congressmen on FOCA, one person called to organize small groups to attend.
This time each of us must call demanding to know the schedule of "Town Meetings".
If your Congressman says he is not having meetings, we strongly suggest that you go in person to his office to make sure he knows how you feel.

Every one of us must act now! When you are denied care in November, it will be too late!

We will let you know as we get feedback on activity around the state. It is up to us!

Anne Fox, President

Schedule for Cong. Nicki Tsongas "Town Meetings"

Chelmsford, MA
August 8, 10AM to 12 Noon
Chelmsford Town Hall - Gymnasium
50 Billerica Rd

Hudson, MA
August 11th, 5PM to 7PM
Super Stop & Shop Grocery Store
10 Technology Drive (at Route 85)

Lawrence, MA
August 18th, 5PM to 7PM
Market Basket Grocery Store
700 Essex Street