Saturday, May 31, 2014

Unsure How to Ask Walk Sponsors? Expert Advice

I was thinking that some of you might be a little uncertain about asking people to sponsor you in the Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children so I asked the expert.  Here is the email Matt Hanafin sent out.  He is happy for you to adapt it to send to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.  Matt's beneficiary is MCFL.  Be sure to change the name if you are walking for another beneficiary.  The last time I checked, I had the most money pledged.  That is not good.  I want to see you up there.  Thanks very much!  Anne

Dear Family and Friends,

As most of you know, I work for Massachusetts Citizens For 
Life (MCFL), the state's only Right to Life organization. Every year, MCFL organizes the Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children. It is a 3.5 mile walk which raises much needed funds for various pro-life organizations throughout the state including pro- life advocacy groups, pregnancy resource centers, shelter homes for women, etc. These non-profit organizations depend on generous donations to continue their pro-life missions since they do not receive funds from the state - MCFL being one of those organizations.

This year's Respect Life Walk is taking place on Sunday, June 29, 2014 at the Parkman Bandstand on the Boston Common at 1:30 PM. This event is great for people of all ages, and LIFT Ministries will be providing the entertainment before the walk begins.

Last year, I set a goal to raise $350 for MCFL's team, and with your help, I reached that goal! This year, I am attempting to raise $500 to help my team raise $10,000! It certainly is a big goal to accomplish in less than one month, but I know I can count on you to help me get there.

I know money is tight for a lot of us, so please do not feel pressured into giving anything if you can't. Please know that donations in any amount are greatly appreciated, and all donations are 100% tax deductible under MCFL's 501(c)(3) status.

You can donate on my online page by clicking on the following link: [insert your own link here] If you do not want to donate online, and would prefer to mail a check, that is acceptable as well. Checks should be made out to MCFL Charitable Trust, and you can mail it to the MCFL Office at 529 Main Street Ste. 1M9, Boston, MA 02129. [Be sure to tell your sponsor to reference your name if mailing a check so that your beneficiary will receive the funds.] 

Thank you for your consideration and for all the support!

Matt Hanafin

P.S. Clicking on the graphic below will bring you to the Respect Life Walk website.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Food for Thought

When we were fighting O-care in 2009 and 2010, we cited VA care.  Of course we didn't know all the awful stuff that is coming out now.  What we did know was that they practiced rationing by not giving patients the latest drugs.  Even though the newest drug may seem expensive, it saves lives and keeps the patient out of the hospital or nursing home.  What has actually been going on is so much worse and really sickening.  This piece in the Wall Street Journal by a brave doctor is well worth reading. - Doctors' War Stories From VA Hospitals

I have never been a fan of Maya Angelou but I found her pro-life thoughts in this piece about her son heartwarming and quotable:

Robin sent an email titled "Obvious Child."  You know what I thought it was about.  Actually, NOW is recommending a "light-hearted summer romance" movie of that title.  "SXSW's Festival Favorites program, similarly sticks to the rom-com arc while throwing in a gutsy curveball: The film's main woman and man fall in love while getting an abortion" (from the review).  Develops that the "obvious child" is the twenty- something heroine!

This weekend will be a good time to be adding to your sponsor list for the Walk.



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Have 33 Days to Get Sponsors for the Walk to Aid Mothers and Children!

Please check out the Walk beneficiary groups,  They are doing what you would like to do but really can't as an individual.  The Walk is your chance to directly help women and their precious babies!

To pre-register as a walker, to start a team, or to simply make a donation to one of the many beneficiaries, please go to

Please register right now! 


BOSTON COMMON, Parkman Bandstand

SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014


WALK: 2:30 PM

Friday, May 23, 2014

"You Couldn't Make It Up" Department

The NAACP has filed a brief opposing the Arizona law which outlaws aborting a baby because of the baby's race: Interesting article in The Scientist with new research that babies are exposed to germs throughout pregnancy, not just at delivery.  The scientists refer to the "unborn baby" and seem to look at birth as we do: simply a change of location:

On another note, the same drugs can be used in capital punishment and doctor-prescribed suicide.  Because of the capital punishment connection, drug companies in this country are not making the drugs and European makers refuse to export to US. Doctor-prescribed suicide advocates are squealing about the difficulty and expense of getting the drugs.  It appears capital punishment is saving lives:

​Interesting article in The Scientist with new research that babies are exposed to germs throughout pregnancy, not just at delivery.  The scientists refer to the "unborn baby" and seem to look at birth as we do: simply a change of location:

Be sure to pick your beneficiary so you can start getting sponsored for The Walk! 




Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where Do You Think Respect Life Walk Ads Would Be Most Effective?

We have been very fortunate to receive a grant to help advertise the MCFL Walk to Aid Mothers and Children online! 

I think that advertising on your favorite online sites will make sure the ads reach the right people.

Would you please let me know between now and Saturday where you go daily, what you have bookmarked?  Please check to see that they have ads.

These are places where I would see the MCFL Walk ads:  American Thinker, National Review Online, The American Spectator,,

I really appreciate your help in making our ads the most effective possible! Looking forward to hearing from you!


PS:  Be sure to sign up for the Walk yourself,

Massachusetts Citizens for Life
The Schrafft Center, 529 Main Street
Boston Massachusetts 02129
United States

Monday, May 19, 2014

Warren Buffet Wants to Pay for 2.7 Million Abortions

Fox News reports that Warren Buffet has given $1.2 billion to pro-abortion groups, enough to pay for 2.7 million abortions.

This is nothing new.  According to Clarke Forsythe in Abuse of Discretion, Buffet helped fund the efforts which successfully legalized abortion in California in the '60's.

Thanks to Ron Eno for his clever graphic showing Buffet's holdings today.

If no one patronized his businesses, he wouldn't be able to afford pro-abortion contributions.  Even more, though, doesn't he realize that the babies he is paying to abort are his future customers? 

I like some of those businesses, but... 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vote MCFL Annual Meeting - Must Join by Midnight

You know, Mass. Citizens won our case at the Supreme Court against the Federal Election Commission.  One of the outcomes was that, to be a voting member of MCFL, one must have paid dues during the last 365 days.  In order to vote (live or by proxy) at the Annual Meeting on June 13th, one must be a voting member 30 days before the meeting.  That is today.  If you have not paid dues during the last year, please join now! 

Voting members will receive their proxy forms during the next few days.

Join now,



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Night Was Beautiful and Bella is Six!

Remember when the "experts" said Bella Santorum wouldn't survive birth, then one year, etc.  Bella turns six today, May 13th.  Her life is a miracle!  Perhaps it is her Fatima birthday.

Something very special happened last night at St. Paul's Church in Harvard Square. It was a gift!  The Eucharistic procession from the MIT Chapel and the Adoration at St. Paul's were filled with grace.  The church was more tightly packed than Easter morning and I have never heard such powerful responses.  Just as those perpetrating the Black Mass are most likely anti-life, the crowd at St Paul's was definitely pro-life. 

The Choir Boys sang with their brilliant voices; the students surpassed themselves: collecting 60,000 signatures, sprinkling all the right places with holy water, getting rosaries blessed for the people who work in Memorial Hall; and  Fr Michael Drea, Pastor, gave a magnificent homily on the Holy Eucharist.  Such a lot of thought and work went into the service that it went splendidly.  Near me were friends Dr. Helen Jackson from St E's, Mother Olga and her Daughters, Dr. Karen Bohlen, Headmistress of the Montrose School, Janet Benestad from the Archdiocese, and our first baby-sitter, Chrissie, as well as Harvard President Drew Faust.  On the way out, people just couldn't help wishing God's blessings on those around them.

Of course, awful things are still out there but the prayers last night were powerful.  I am most grateful to St. Paul's Parish and the Harvard Catholic Community! 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Attention Doctors, Nurses, Teachers/Professors, Lawyers, Scientists - practicing or retired

New Professional Chapters for doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, teachers and professors, lawyers and scientistsWe established these Chapters at the MCFL Convention and welcomed the charter members.  We feel they will fill a very important need.

We plan to produce e-newsletters designed specifically for each of these groups with information of special interest to members.  That way, when the need arises for testimony, a speaker, Letter to the Editor, a background article, etc, people will be prepared and able to fill these needs.  The doctor-prescribed suicide battles are perfect examples of how this works.

If you are in any of these professions, currently or retired, or another profession that you think should be included, please reply to this email telling us a bit about yourself and your pro-life interests.  You may wish simply to receive the e-letters or to get more involved.  Either way, we welcome you!

This effort has real potential for professionals to share information with each other and for us to be able to put our best faces forward.

I'm looking forward to hearing from those of you who are already involved and from those of you who have been meaning to get more involved!

Thank you,


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Let Us Help You Honor all the Special Women in Your Life

John has put together some beautiful pro-life cards for you to send to all the special women in your life, // to show them your love, respect, and thanks. 

Please let me wish you the happiest of Mother's Days and thank you for all you do for others and for life.

God bless you!


Republican National Committee Backs 20-Week Abortion Ban!

Such a great way to start the weekend!  The RNC officially backs the National Right to Life Committee legislation which outlaws abortion after 20 weeks because it is indisputable that the baby feels pain then.  Another step toward protecting all life - thank goodness. 


Friday, May 9, 2014

Something Is Rotten in Cambridge

Fr. Drea's letter and invitation explain themselves...

Dear Members of the Harvard Catholic Community,

As we celebrate these beautiful days of the Eastertide and give thanks for the gift of redemption that our Lord Jesus Christ won for us by conquering sin and death once, for all, it pains me to write to you today in order to comment on some distressing news.  As you are aware by now, a student group from the Harvard Extension School, The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club, plans to present on Monday, May 12 on campus a "black mass", an act of satanic worship that mocks the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – the center of our faith and worship.

This is truly an affront to our Catholic faith and Catholics must unite in prayer in order to combat this act of evil and hatred.  As the University attempts to veil this 'presentation' under the guise of 'academic freedom and expression', people of good will recognize it for what it truly is: an act of hatred and ridicule toward the Catholic Church and her faithful.

Cardinal Seán O'Malley has expressed his great distress over this and we are assured of his prayers for our Catholic community at this time.  The Archdiocese of Boston released the following statement:

"The Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston expresses its deep sadness and strong opposition to the plan to stage a "black mass" on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge.

For the good of the Catholic faithful and all people, the Church provides clear teaching concerning Satanic worship. This activity separates people from God and the human community, it is contrary to charity and goodness, and it places participants dangerously close to destructive works of evil.

In a recent statement, Pope Francis warned of the danger of being naïve about or underestimating the power of Satan, whose evil is too often tragically present in our midst. We call upon all believers and people of good will to join us in prayer for those who are involved in this event, that they may come to appreciate the gravity of their actions, and in asking Harvard to disassociate itself from this activity."

As Senior Catholic Chaplain, it is my duty to offer my pastoral support to all in our community.  And so, I call on the entire Harvard Catholic community to respond to this egregious action as our Lord Jesus would: with prayer and calm.  We pray for all associated with this act that they may turn away from evil and be converted to the Truth of Christ in their lives. We pray as well for spiritual strength from our Heavenly Father that will guide us through this time of testing for us all.

I therefore invite all Catholics and people of good will in the community to gather for a Eucharistic Holy Hour and Benediction this coming Monday evening, May 12th, from 8.00 to 9.00 PM in St. Paul's Church at the corner of Bow and Arrow Streets in Harvard Square.  As a community, we will be strengthened by uniting in prayer before of Eucharistic Lord asking for His grace to be his faithful followers in a world that is shrouded in darkness.

On behalf of Fathers Salzmann, Westcott and Armano, I pray that you will join us on Monday night for this important time of prayer at St. Paul's.

With the promise of my prayers for you and for our community through the intercession of our Blessed Lady, I remain

Yours in the Risen Lord,

Father Michael E. Drea
Pastor and Senior Chaplain


Mass. Citizens is again honored to sponsor and organize its annual Respect Life Walk to Aid Mothers and Children.

For twenty-eight years, tens of thousands of good people have participated in the Walk to raise money for pro-life organizations such as pregnancy resource centers, homes for pregnant mothers, counseling services, and educational programs.  Most of these beneficiary organizations rely solely on generous individuals like you.  The fun and family-friendly Walk allows these organizations to raise the funds they need to carry out their missions to help mothers and their babies.

, Parkman Bandstand
SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014
WALK: 2:30 PM

We have two months to raise as much money as possible for the beneficiaries of this year's walk. To pre-register as a walker, to start a team, or to simply make a donation to one of the many beneficiaries, please go to

The pages for the beneficiaries are all ready to go!  Click on the Walk website
and then click on the "About" tab on the top left.  It will bring you to the list of beneficiaries. Click on the beneficiary name, and you will be directed to the beneficiary's team page. You may also click on the "Register" tab and find the beneficiaries listed under the teams.

This is an effort of which we are very proud because it helps so many mothers and their children and it is a jolly good time! 

Please register
right now! 


       2014 Walk Baby

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be Sure You Are Eligible To Vote!

The Annual Meeting and Election of Board Members and Officers will take place on Friday, June 13th.  We welcome all voting members to vote in person or by proxy.  In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a voting member as of May 14th.  That is next week!  (A voting member is anyone who has donated $30 for an individual or $50 for a couple/family during the 12 months prior to the election but at least 30 days before the election.)   Please join now!

Your input is important!