Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The "Little blobs" Score Again!

Again, science shows what we already know and moves forward our moral position.  You'll enjoy what the wee ones are up to.

For life,


Prayer Request

Today I am headed to New Jersey.  As you know, their doctor-prescribed suicide bill (which was filed before the MA election last year because the death lobby was so confident of a win here) has passed out of the Assembly (House) Committee and could be voted on any day.  We expect Senate hearings soon followed immediately by a floor vote.  To complicate matters, they are electing virtually every office in November.

The same national people who helped us so much - Rita Marker, Esq, Patients Rights Council,  Barbara Lyons, Wisconsin Right to Life, Jennifer Popik, Esq, National Right to Life, Mary Beerworth, Vermont Right to Life, Diane Coleman, Esq, Not Dead Yet, and Tim Rosales, Wayne Johnson Agency, have been helping the people in New Jersey.  With our MA experience, John Kelly of the disability group Second Thoughts, who acted as spokesperson for the Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide, and I have had the honor of helping also.

We have a day-long meeting on Thursday with the New Jersey Alliance against Doctor Prescribed Suicide, a coalition like ours.  A loss in New Jersey at this point would open the flood gates and bring the whole awfulness right back to Massachusetts. 

The people in New Jersey have all the pieces.  Please pray that they are able to bring them together to defeat the forces of death.  Thank you!



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fr Liias

People who heard him speak at the MCFL Convention (CLICK HERE to see video of Fr. Liias' talk and the rest of the convention), Get Real, will particularly enjoy reading about Fr Liias in today's Boston Globe but I know everyone will enjoy the article.  We are very fortunate to have such an effective spokesman for life!  Anne

Committed to the cause you share with MCFL?  CLICK HERE to support our life-saving work.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Enjoy the Weekend!

At the Summer Academy, we showed the students a video about the life and pro-life work of Mildred Jefferson, MD.  Of course, thinking about "Dr J" reminded us again that President Ronald Reagan credited her guest appearance on the PBS show The Advocates with making him pro-life.  Janet just sent this compilation of Reagan which is perfect for a summer weekend. 


This is sure to watch all the way to the end!



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Is March of Dimes Solicitation Time Again

We have been getting emails wondering if the March of Dimes still supports abortion.  Apparently this is the time people drop off MOD envelopes to their neighbors.  Life Institute lists seven powerful reasons to boycott MOD

1. Their emphasis on pre-natal diagnosis of birth defects, for which abortion is often the "treatment"

2. Their close ties to the eugenics movement

3. Their support of experimentation on live babies in the womb and on tissue from aborted babies

4. Their support of federally funded embryo-destructive stem cell research and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

5. Their dishonesty in ignoring the connection between prior abortions and premature birth

6. Their grants to Planned Parenthood

7. Their "neutral" stance on abortion, which accepts and encourages abortion by its silence

You may read the rest of the article here,

The article is from 2009 but we have every reason to believe MOD has the same positions.

May I remind you that Mass Citizens is a truly life-saving organization.  We really need your help!

For life,



Wednesday, August 14, 2013


You are invited to join us for the Commissioning Ceremonies which complete the Summer Academy and for a free showing of October Baby, which is provided by the MCFL West Roxbury Chapter.

                                                      St. Stanislaus Hall

                                                         2270 Main St.,
                                                   West Warren, MA 01092
                                                  6:30 pm tonight, Aug 14th           

I hope you can join us to meet the inspiring students and enjoy October Baby, which is amazing!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life is Not a Social Issue

Carol Tobias is president of the National Right to Life Committee, of which Mass Citizens is an affiliate.  I want to share her observations with you. 


"National Right to Life, its fifty state affiliates, and more than 3,000 local chapters, are single-issue organizations existing to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers observed that we are endowed "with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

"The right to life is the first and foremost of all human rights. It affects all other issues and without it, a person never gets the opportunity to exercise any other right. Simply put, without Life all other rights and issues are meaningless.

"From time to time, people or organizations come along that encourage the right-to-life movement to take up the mantle of other issues by equating these issues with the paramount right to life.

"The success the right-to-life movement has experienced over the past 40 years has depended on maintaining our single-issue focus on life. By focusing on the single issue of life, we have been able to bring together a broad base of people – who may disagree on other important issues in our country, but who are dedicated to ensuring that the protection of our laws are extended to the most vulnerable members of society: the unborn, the elderly, the medically dependent and persons with disabilities.

"The right-to-life movement provides a voice to the voiceless. To abandon this single-issue focus would be to abandon those who have no voice. National Right to Life remains committed to its work of protecting innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia, and invites all pro-life people to join us in our work"


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do You Know How Many Abortion “Clinics” There are in Massachusetts? You’ll Be Shocked!

Good friends are hard to come by these days, and you've been a very good friend to Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  It has been awhile since we've heard from you, however, and I want you to know that you are missed.

Our success in working to protect life at all stages of development, from conception to natural death, is directly related to the generosity and encouragement we receive from members like you.

One of the vitally important things we are working on right now is The Gosnell Project.  We have known about the Gosnell "House of Horrors" in Philadelphia.  Now we learn that unsanitary, unsafe abortion facilities have been closed in Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, and other states.  We know an abortionist is on trial in Florida.  The worst thing we know at the moment is about Douglas Karpen, the Texas abortionist who has been accused by employees of beheading some babies using the Gosnell method and killing others as farmers used to kill chickens, by twisting off their heads!

Should we worry about what is going on at abortion facilities in Massachusetts?  We certainly should!  We know that Laura Hope Smith died in a facility in 2007.  We know that ambulances have been called to facilities somewhat frequently.

Your Mass. Citizens for Life is working to make sure there are no Gosnells here in the state.  We have sent many letters to state officials and are slowly building a picture of abortion facilities and providers.

So far, in all the documents, the thing that interests me the most is the fact that the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services told the Energy and Commerce Committee of the United Sates House of Representatives that they license "ambulatory surgical facilities" and that the only way they know which ones perform abortions are from their reporting.

The Office of HHS states that 17 hospitals in Massachusetts perform abortions and that there are three licensed "clinics" that perform abortions.  THREE   You and I would assume those three are the three Planned Parenthood facilities.  That would mean Four Women in Attleboro and Women's Health Services in Brookline, to name a couple, are not licensed!  Yet, each of these clinics advertises itself as a "licensed clinic!"  You can name others in your area!  How is that for the safety of women?  Mass. Citizens has already requested further information in our quest to bring things out in the open and up to standard.  In other states, when standards have been enforced, facilities have closed.

The public knowing about "clinic" conditions has the same educational potential as the partial birth abortion ban, which permanently flipped public opinion our way.

This is one example of the work Mass. Citizens is doing to protect life.  It will be difficult but we can pull this off if you help.

I ask you please take a moment now to join, or donate, We are truly a movement of the people.  Please do whatever you can to continue and expand your life-saving support.

Thank you for your life-saving support!       


Friday, August 2, 2013

October Baby - Free Showing!

August 14th is the last session of the six-week Summer Academy when we will commission the Student Ambassadors.

As part of the program, we'll be showing October Baby.  I recently saw October Baby for the second time.  At the end of the movie, I realized that I had not moved my feet at all during the entire movie!  I am looking forward to seeing it again at the Summer Academy.  Yes, the message is very pro-life but it is not at all a polemic.  It is a beautiful story of family love, communication, and forgiveness starring some well-known actors including John Schneider and Rachel Hendrix.

You are welcome to the Commissioning at 6:15 or come just for October Baby at 6:45.

St Stanislaus Hall
2270 Main Street
West Warren, MA 01092

This is a wonderful summer activity for the family. 

Hope you can make it!