Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Is March of Dimes Solicitation Time Again

We have been getting emails wondering if the March of Dimes still supports abortion.  Apparently this is the time people drop off MOD envelopes to their neighbors.  Life Institute lists seven powerful reasons to boycott MOD

1. Their emphasis on pre-natal diagnosis of birth defects, for which abortion is often the "treatment"

2. Their close ties to the eugenics movement

3. Their support of experimentation on live babies in the womb and on tissue from aborted babies

4. Their support of federally funded embryo-destructive stem cell research and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

5. Their dishonesty in ignoring the connection between prior abortions and premature birth

6. Their grants to Planned Parenthood

7. Their "neutral" stance on abortion, which accepts and encourages abortion by its silence

You may read the rest of the article here,

The article is from 2009 but we have every reason to believe MOD has the same positions.

May I remind you that Mass Citizens is a truly life-saving organization.  We really need your help!

For life,



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