Saturday, December 31, 2011





Thanks to each of you who responded so generously to our matching gift challenge!


Saving lives in 2012 will be a huge responsibility. When we are able to print materials and do ads about the dangers of Doctor Prescribed Suicide., it will be because of your generosity.


If you have not yet donated this year, it is not too late to have your generous gift matched.  


Thank you and best wishes for a Joyous New Year!                                                                          









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Friday, December 30, 2011

Get your dates in place




As you are marking your new 2012 Calendar, please note these important dates:


Jan 14: Open House for anyone who is thinking of speaking on the life issues. You are invited to the MCFL Office to hear current speakers present what they say and what it is like to be an MCFL Speaker. All are welcome, 9:30 am - noon. Please call 617-242-4199 X 230 to register.


Jan 23: Massachusetts Caucus, Kennedy Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Builiding, Washinton DC, 9:30 am - 11:30 am. We will hear from Hadley Arkes, Dwight Duncan, Karen Cross, Jennifer Popik, Dan Avila, Thea Rossi-Barron, Michael New, and Michael Pakaluk. They are experts in areas affecting us - like the Scott Brown election and the Doctor Prescribed Suicide petition. Coffee and pastries provided


Jan 23: March for Life, noon to 3:00. The buses are filling up quickly. Check for bus information.


Jan 29: Assembly for Life, Faneuil Hall, 2pm - 4pm. Nationally known Wayne Cockfield, USMCR, who lost both legs and partial use of his hands on active duty, will speak about the dangers of the Doctor Prescribed Suicide petition. The Treblemakers from The Montrose School were so popular last year. They have agreed to sing again.


Feb 21: Student Lobby Day at the State House: meet legislators, learn the process, have a private tour.


 Dec 31, 2011:  Last day for matching gift challenge.  I am so grateful to all who have given.  If you have not yet supported our life-saving efforts, please help right now,  

Thank you all!  Anne 







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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Double your pro-life impact!



I have just received some wonderful news. A generous private donor has offered to match donations to Massachusetts Citizens for Life and to the tax-deductable MCFL Charitable Trust through Dec 31st.


Every gift given in the next five days will be doubled!


At the National Right to Life Convention this year, Fred Barnes stated, "Pro-lifers have captured the high moral ground. Fetuses have become babies."  


In 2012 we will definitely fulfill our mission of protecting life at all stages of development. The death lobby has succeeded in getting its Doctor Prescribed Suicide aka "death with dignity" initiative petition on the ballot.  


Unfortunately, most people are fooled by the language, "death with dignity" and, at first, think it is a good idea.  


An extensive poll was released in Vermont on Dec 7th. It has not yet received much coverage, but this we know: When asked about "death with dignity", 78% of the people agreed with the concept. When asked about "physician assisted suicide", 64% agreed. When asked about "doctor prescribed suicide" only 54% agreed. That is still a majority but look how powerful a slight change of words can be! We still have 10 months to educate people using the right words.


We must raise doubt in the minds of voters so that they will vote "NO".


On November 13th we embarked on an amazing state-wide educational campaign to do just that. We will keep up the pressure right through November 6, 2012. It is an expensive challenge to provide all our regular life-saving activities as well as working to defeat the petition.


Please help to defeat doctor prescribed suicide with your generous year-end gift.  


You are one of the 35,000 people who receive our emails. I hear from so many of you with praise and thanks. We know that most of you have never donated. Please recognize the huge job we have in 2012 and give us a generous start.


There has never been a better time to make your year-end gift and bring life, value, and dignity to all human being at all stages.   


Thank you for your support for life!







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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas wishes from MCFL to you

Linda Thayer, our Vice President of Educational Affairs is also a published poet of whom we are very proud.  Our Board and Staff wish to share with you Linda's Christmas blessings.  God bless you for all you do!  Anne

time has layered
in sentiment
the deeper truth
her story has meant
in the still of her soul
in the silence of night
she said yes in the dark
and gave the world Light
Massachusetts Citizens for Life
The Schrafft Center, 529 Main Street
Boston Massachusetts 02129
United States

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pro-Lifers, the Tide Just Turned

Our son just called from DC.  He was walking home from hearing Fred Barnes speak.  I told him about Barnes announcing recently that pro-lifers are winning.  Barnes stated that the "fetus has become a baby".

After the call, I read this article ( which is living proof of his contention.  It is heartbreaking that the Duggars lost their little girl, especially at this season, but it has been heart-warming that, at 20 weeks, she is a baby to everyone.

"The fetus has become a baby" because of you.  Keep up the good work!  Anne

Thursday, December 15, 2011

MAADPS Media Packet



The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide has posted on their website the contents of the media packet which they sent to media outlets before their press conference last week.


The packet contains, among other helpful information:


a wonderful map showing where DPS is legal - Oregon and Washington - versus the rest of the country


eighteen abuses in Oregon


a televised interview with Barbara Wagner. The Oregon Health Plan told Barbara they would not pay for cancer treatment but would pay for her lethal dose.


You might want to check out the entire MAADPS web site.


The Doctor Prescribed Suicide ballot question puts Massachusetts in the cross-hairs of the anti-life movement. You and I must be prepared to show the dangers to everyone we know. This web site is a huge help!  


Very important:  newspapers have been running pro-death articles.  Please use the information on the MAADPS web site to write a Letter to the Editor.   Please use the talking points on the website - they will appeal to the readers.


Letters are the backbone of the fight right now.  Thank you for writing!  Anne






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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get a march on the March for Life - register now!




I think everyone is behind schedule because of the delightful weather we have been having. Jan 22nd is fast approaching! The March for Life and Massachusetts Caucus will be Monday, Jan. 23rd


Bus Captains are already hard at work making arrangements for you and Janet is doing her usual outstanding job of coordinating. The Year 2012 is going to be huge for us, so start it off with a bang!


I hope every one of us can get to the March! Anne



39th Annual March for Life


Buses with one or two overnight stays



Departs from: Burlington Mall

Departure Date & Time: Sat. Jan. 21st at 10:00 PM

One-night (Sun.) stay at Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill Hotel

Return home at 5:00 PM after the March arriving home around 2:00 AM

Cost: $196 per person, double occupancy (other rates available)

Contact: Theresa Gorey at 978-475-6673; Cell 978-886-2911;

email or Jane Finn at 978-658-6115; Cell 978-618-5005


Departs from: Immaculate Conception in Malden

with second pick-up at St. Margaret's in Burlington

Departure Date & Time: Sun., Jan. 22nd at 7:30 AM

Two-night (Sun. & Mon.) stay at Holiday Inn, College Park, MD

Return home on Tues., Jan. 24th arriving home around 8:00 PM

Cost: $210 per person, double occupancy; $315 single (other rates available)

Contact: Janet Callahan at 781-324-3564 or 


Departs from: St. Anne's in Salem

Departure Date & Time: Sun., Jan. 22nd at 6:00 AM

Two-night (Sun. & Mon.) stay at hotel along the Capitol Beltway in MD

Return home Tuesday, Jan. 24th

Cost: $165 per person, double occupancy

Contact: Bill Kirby at 978-821-2556


Departs from the following locations: Orleans, E. Sandwich, Wareham

and another location to be determined (possibly New Bedford)

Departure Date and Time: Early Sun., Jan. 22nd

Two-night (Sun. & Mon.) stay at Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill

Return home Tuesday, Jan. 24th

Cost: $230 per person, double occupancy

Contact: Kevin Ward at 508-291-0949 or


For information on "Red-eye" buses contact Janet Callahan at 617-242-4199 ext. 230 or







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Monday, December 12, 2011

Those BC pro-lifers are very clever




BC Students for Sexual Health distributed condoms at Boston College last week to encourage "sexual health". With completely straight faces, another group, BC Students for Dental Health, passed out dental floss to encourage "dental health". They had much better success than BCSSH, who found them "disrespectful".   



Speaking of finer college students, National Right to Life just let us know that they will be able to lower the cost of their excellent NRLC Pro-Life Academy for next summer. For more information, CLICK HERE  


Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide has posted the video of their press conference. People have suggested asking them for their signs to take to the March for Life. What do you think?


 We welcome the vital work of the Alliance and will keep you up to date as we receive more information from them.

For life,                                                                                                                                             Anne 





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