Monday, November 3, 2014

Brittany's Death Dangerous to Us All



Friends, obviously we mourn the death of any person.  Poor Brittany was used by Compassion and Choices (formerly the Hemlock Society). According to reports, Brittany far out-lived her prognosis.   Let us hope and pray that her suicide will not be the opening the death lobby needs to pass dangerous doctor prescribed suicide laws.  As usual, Rita Marker says it so well:
We must be practical.  Doctor-prescribed suicide will be proposed again in the Massachusetts legislature.  That makes each of our votes tomorrow even more important.
We'll be sending out last-minute info on candidates later in the day.  You may also check the MCFL website:
Let's pray for all those have terminal illnesses. 

PP: $1,000.00 MCFL:$1.00



 The Tennessee Supreme Court found that the Tennessee Constitution includes the right to abortion.  That makes it almost impossible for the state to have basic protections like parental consent laws.  So Tennessee pro-lifers have placed Question 1 on the ballot.  It says that the right to abortion or abortion funding is not guaranteed by the Constitution. 


Early on, MCFL sent a sacrificial contribution of $250 to support Question 1 - which we really didn't have.+

I just read that Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts sent $200,000 - a monetary advantage of almost 1000 to one!  This is what they do with (our) the tax money they receive.

One thousand to one!  What would the babies and those on the fringes of life do without dedicated people like you?  Laurie just called (it is snowing right now) to report that she is distributing our Question 5 literature.  It is people like Laurie who fuel our efforts for life.


Thanks to Laurie and to all of you!