Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Elms College, Chicopee, graduation speaker: blatantly pro-ab Congressman!

Thanks to Dennis for passing on this information from the Newman Society!  Dennis has written to Bishop Rozanski and President Reap.  I have included contact info in case you also wish to contact them  Anne
College of Our Lady of the Elms (Elms College) in Chicopee, Mass., will host Congressman John Lewis of Georgia as the College's 2015 commencement speaker on  May 16. As previously reported  by the Newman Society, the College chose Lewis for his "personal and political focus on civil rights," despite a consistent pro-abortion voting record. He earned 100 percent ratings with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro-Choice America in 2013 and 2014 Lewis voted against banning partial-birth abortions, barring minors from crossing state lines to procure abortions, and requiring minors to involve responsible adults before having an abortion. Lewis also co-sponsored the Women's Health Protection Act, which would effectively prohibit medical professionals from recommending ultrasounds or other procedures to women considering abortion. Additionally, he voted in favor of increased federal funding for contraception and embryonic stem cell research.
Mary Reap, IHM, Ph.D., President of Elms College
Office of the President
Sandra Talbot
Assistant to the President

291 Springfield Street • Chicopee, MA 01013-2839

Most Rev. Mitchell T. Rozanski
76 Elliot St., P.O. Box 1730
Springfield, 01102-1730
Tel. 413-732-3175

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund Dinner, April 26, 2015.


On behalf of our friends at the PLLDF:




We are most grateful to the families who entered their adorable babies.  Every one of them is precious!  Anne

Teresa.jpg Adelaide.JPG Austin James.jpg Avery.jpg

Bridget S.jpg  Bridget.jpg Emanuel.JPG Emily.jpg

francis.jpg  Grady.jpg Isabelle Rose.JPG Jacob.jpg

Joshua Robert.jpg KristinFlores.jpg Maura 1yr.jpg Mia Marie.jpg




Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walk to Aid Mothers and Children grows into Massachusetts March for Life

I have some very exciting news!
As you know, we have been walking to aid mothers and children for about 30 years.  Especially in the early years, proceeds from the Walk were a large part of the yearly donations for many of the helping beneficiaries who did not have the resources to hold their own walks.  We were honored to provide the Walk for them.
On June 28, 2015 we will walk again.  We will still raise money for beneficiary groups and encourage you to get pledges.

We have decided to broaden the focus.  With more than one million babies having been killed by abortion in this state since legalization, we feel compelled to draw public attention to this carnage.  Many young people are also anxious to do just that.
We have decided to refocus with the Massachusetts March for Life which, while still raising money to help pregnant women, will be geared toward youth activism like the March for Life is in DC.  Just like the March in DC, we older folks will be very welcome! 
Many states are holding Marches half way between the trips to DC.  Our Walk seemed the perfect vehicle to do the same.
More than a million lives lost in Massachusetts - that is too big to hide!  We must draw attention them!  We must March for them.
Please mark your calendar for the Massachusetts March for Life, June 28 on Boston Common.
I am really delighted with this new, expanded approach to changing the hearts and minds of the public! 
Be sure to vote for the March baby - you have until April 17th.

MCFL Mothers Day Dinner featuring Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

MDD pdf INVITE-good.jpg

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lauren Hill R.I.P. Inspiring piece from...The Globe!

Lauren Hill, that darling girl who lived life to the fullest and helped so many others in spite of having a brain tumor, has died.  Reading about Lauren over the past year, one couldn't help but think she should be the one getting all the attention instead of the death lobby.  I know you join me in praying for Lauren and her wonderful family!  Anne

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Corrected link to the PD-PS poll

I had used the link in the last email to vote, but it isn't working for some people.
Please vote!

D-PS poll in RI. Vote NOW!

A poll in Rhode Island asks:
Should a person facing a terminal illness have the right to hasten their own death?

Wonder what journalism school the author of that question attended?
Anyway, as I write this, we are a bit ahead.  Since it is Rhode Island and can be applied to Massachusetts, we need to crush it!

We say "dismemberment abortion" Media doesn't know what to say

Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee, sent out this statement yesterday.  The link below is from today.  They are both worth reading.  Anne
"Today at 8:00 a.m., Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas signed into law a bill banning dismemberment abortions!
This new law is based on model legislation drafted by National Right to Life.
It is the first of what we hope will be many state laws banning dismemberment abortions.
This law could have the power to transform the landscape of abortion policy in the United States.
And I want to ask you to help us pass it in more states!
I want to warn you that this next paragraph is graphic in its description of what a dismemberment abortion is. 
In a dismemberment abortion, a forceps or similar instrument is used to twist and tear pieces of a living unborn baby from her body until the baby bleeds to death. Many of these babies are developed enough to feel pain. 
"Dismemberment abortion kills a baby by tearing her apart limb from limb," said our director of State Legislation, Mary Spaulding Balch, J.D.  "Before the first trimester ends, the unborn child has a beating heart, brain waves, and every organ system in place. Dismemberment abortions occur after the baby has reached these milestones."
Even Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court has written forcefully about the brutality of such abortions. The Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act would ban them – and National Right to Life is leading the fight to pass the law wherever we can.
Oklahoma is expected to pass the ban soon, and it's being considered elsewhere as well. 
We learned in the debate over partial-birth abortion that when the American people are told about brutal methods of abortion like this, they recoil and want to see those abortions banned. 
Those who have been with us since the fight over partial-birth abortion know that it helped transform the debate, moving many people – especially many young people who grew up at the height of the debate – to the pro-life side. The debate over protecting unborn babies from the barbarity of dismemberment abortions can have just as powerful an effect!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Don't answer that call and Important dates.

I just received a call from "The Pro-Life Committee".  The caller could/would not tell me who they are or anything about them.  Please know that, if Mass Citizens calls you, we tell you up front exactly who we are.  I certainly did not donate to this unknown committee.  You'll probably be getting a call also.
There are some exciting events coming up:
April 17, last day to vote for your favorite March Baby.  Vote here: for-life-march-baby-contest-vote-now/
April 25, Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund Dinner, Newton Marriott, 04/150403-2015-Century-Dinner-Flyer.pdf
May 6, Boston lunch fund-raiser for pro-life champion Cong. Chris Smith, Offices of Zenzabar, http://masscitizensforlife. org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Invite-Rep.-Chris-Smith-May-6-2015-Luncheon.pdf
May 7, MCFL Mothers Day Dinner, Agawam.  Information and Reservations:
May 10, Announcement of Speaker for MCFL Annual Banquet
June 12, MCFL Annual Meeting and Elections, MCFL Headquarters
June 28, Massachusetts March for Life sponsored by Mass Citizens, Boston Common, Rally 1:00 pm , March 2:30  more info coming
Oct 22, MCFL Annual Banquet, Four Points, Norwood

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter and Passover Greetings


Many of my Jewish friends are having their Seder meal today and Christians are celebrating the Triduum which climaxes with the Resurrection tomorrow.
One cannot help but have pro-life thoughts meditating on these beautiful holidays.

On Passover and always
May you rejoice
In our traditions and
Always be blessed
With the rich and bountiful
Gifts of life!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... 1 Peter 1:3

"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." St Pope John Paul ll

Thank you for all you do to save the lives of His precious ones!
May you have a blessed holiday weekend.

Video of unborn baby clapping along with parents' music

We saw this 101 year old great grandmother get to hold her newborn grandchild

We already knew what science is still finding out about babies.
This video is very heartwarming.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

doctor-prescribed suicide -the battle starts in Massachusetts

The latest Doctor-Prescribed Suicide bill, H 1991, has been filed.  We have no idea when, but between now and the summer of 2016 hearings will be held.  Things you should know:
1)  The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide has reconstituted and updated it website, and email list.  You should be hearing from them soon.
2)  H 1991 is a mess.  It pretends to answer all our concerns about safeguards but, reading the implementation part shows huge internal inconsistencies between what it promises and what the bill would actually do
3)  The Public Health Committee, which was evenly split in 2013 - 2014 appears to be more in favor of D-PS this time.  Committee contains three co-sponsors.
4)  We have always known the concept of "prognosis" was inaccurate.  This 60 Minutes video shows how cancer patients at Duke are being "cured"  The first article is about one of them.  The other two articles are about cancer treatments in the works.  With the buzz that cancer will be solved very soon, why would any legislature encourage someone to kill herself?  Anne
Success at Duke
Miracle patient
Other medical advances