Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walk to Aid Mothers and Children grows into Massachusetts March for Life

I have some very exciting news!
As you know, we have been walking to aid mothers and children for about 30 years.  Especially in the early years, proceeds from the Walk were a large part of the yearly donations for many of the helping beneficiaries who did not have the resources to hold their own walks.  We were honored to provide the Walk for them.
On June 28, 2015 we will walk again.  We will still raise money for beneficiary groups and encourage you to get pledges.

We have decided to broaden the focus.  With more than one million babies having been killed by abortion in this state since legalization, we feel compelled to draw public attention to this carnage.  Many young people are also anxious to do just that.
We have decided to refocus with the Massachusetts March for Life which, while still raising money to help pregnant women, will be geared toward youth activism like the March for Life is in DC.  Just like the March in DC, we older folks will be very welcome! 
Many states are holding Marches half way between the trips to DC.  Our Walk seemed the perfect vehicle to do the same.
More than a million lives lost in Massachusetts - that is too big to hide!  We must draw attention them!  We must March for them.
Please mark your calendar for the Massachusetts March for Life, June 28 on Boston Common.
I am really delighted with this new, expanded approach to changing the hearts and minds of the public! 
Be sure to vote for the March baby - you have until April 17th.

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