Thursday, April 2, 2015

doctor-prescribed suicide -the battle starts in Massachusetts

The latest Doctor-Prescribed Suicide bill, H 1991, has been filed.  We have no idea when, but between now and the summer of 2016 hearings will be held.  Things you should know:
1)  The Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide has reconstituted and updated it website, and email list.  You should be hearing from them soon.
2)  H 1991 is a mess.  It pretends to answer all our concerns about safeguards but, reading the implementation part shows huge internal inconsistencies between what it promises and what the bill would actually do
3)  The Public Health Committee, which was evenly split in 2013 - 2014 appears to be more in favor of D-PS this time.  Committee contains three co-sponsors.
4)  We have always known the concept of "prognosis" was inaccurate.  This 60 Minutes video shows how cancer patients at Duke are being "cured"  The first article is about one of them.  The other two articles are about cancer treatments in the works.  With the buzz that cancer will be solved very soon, why would any legislature encourage someone to kill herself?  Anne
Success at Duke
Miracle patient
Other medical advances

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