Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vote to keep Margaret Sanger off the $20 bill!

Sandra sent this along.  There has been quite a push to put Margaret Sanger's picture on the $20 bill.  Sandra shares how we can vote to put pro-life woman like Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Clara Barton on the bill (you must vote for three).  Thanks Sandra!  Anne
Please help get on the email vote to get a woman on the $20 bill replacing Andrew Jackson who is now thought to have a "questionable past."
Strangely enough, a couple of the the nominees for this honor don't have questionable pasts but well documented pasts which have done far more to harm women than to help. The list includes Margaret Sanger!  It is sickening to think of our country officially honoring someone like Sanger.  Preliminary voting closes on April 5 and then there is a final vote.  Vote now at:  http://www.womenon20s.org/  and please send this to all your contacts.  Thanks in advance.

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