Thursday, March 19, 2015

A baby saved yesterday in Springfield!

This just came from the MCFL Ludlow office,
FYI we had a save in Springfield yesterday morning.  Two of our people showed the couple a video and they immediately changed their minds!
The story is going around the internet about the young mother who was rejected by American Idol three times.  A video of her singing to her baby has gone viral and she has received a number of offers.  The neat thing is that she sat in an abortion clinic for seven hours crying and finally decided not to abort the little one who now is the light of her life.  In the story, it mentions that many mothers have posted pictures of babies they were all set to abort - one is 17 and "his mother's best friend".  I cannot find where those pictures are posted.  If you know, would you pass it on, please?  I think it would be great to share.
Thanks! Anne

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