Wednesday, March 4, 2015

YOU can make the Boston Globe run a pro-life ad! Yes, you can...

I am embarrassed to admit that we subscribe to the Boston Globe - my husband insists on the sports.  I always feel that I should do penance.  If you subscribe you may feel that way also.  WELL... this marvelous opportunity has come up!  The Globe is giving subscribers vouchers which will be used to run ads for charities of their choice.  That means you and I can (I already have) get vouchers worth $100 toward a Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc. ad!!!!
You don't need anything but this link  and your phone number.  PLEASE BE SURE TO LIST YOUR GROUP AS MASSACHUSETTS CITIZENS FOR LIFE, INC.
We have those great billboards and are working on new ones.  A nice, big, pro-life ad in the Globe would certainly go along well to educate the general public.  Just the thought makes my day!
Please go to  immediately and get your voucher.
Thank you, thank you

PS  What could be easier or more life-saving.  Again, please be sure to list Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc.

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