Monday, March 2, 2015

Latest Gallup disaster for pro-abs!

In spite of what the media would like us to believe, polls show a definite, long-term move in the pro-life direction - and that is irrefutable! 
The country is moving pro-life because of  the educational work you and I do.
I enjoy composing these emails for you.  Right now about 25,000 of you receive them.  We get very positive feedback. You are amazing about making the phone calls, taking part in the polls, and telling you neighbors the latest pro-life information.
There is no way to send out that many emails without using a service, which costs money.  Please    make a small (or large) donation today.  Better yet, make a pledge so that we will know we can keep sending out the emails.
Thank you in advance for your help - and for all the work you do following up on the emails! 

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