Monday, March 9, 2015

Membership Matters! Join Today



Dear Friend of Life,

We all have a huge, vitally important job to do and we need you as part of the team!  We must restore protection for life at all stages.  As a member of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, you will be essential to our efforts.  I hope you will join us at this exciting time.

I honestly believe, that when we restore legal protection for the unborn, it will invalidate the pro-death cliches (quality of life, cost of care, etc) and will keep them from being used against others on the edges of life.

Let's look at the public policy question we had on last November's ballot in 11 State Representative districts calling for the local legislator to vote for legislation requiring facilities that perform abortions to be licensed and inspected. We averaged more than 70% of the vote! That is 11 districts out or 160. We know there are more than 40 other districts that are as pro-life demographically.

The people involved made it easy because they had some organization and activity in place. 


We plan to go in to every district in the state and try to organize in the same way.  That is necessary for when the abortion issue is returned to the states.  Immediately, it is necessary to stop the "Care and Comfort in Dying" bill which has been filed.


The Convention on March 21st is going to be great!  You will notice that members get a discount. The Mothers Day Dinner is coming together beautifully with Virginia Webb as Chair and Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life Committee, as speaker.  Student Lobby Days are progressing, the Speakers Bureau is well on its way to speaking to 10,000 students this school year, the Walk for Life on June 28 is now the Massachusetts March for Life with a whole new look and tone with many more young people, and we are seeking locations for the Summer Academy, which draws students from all over the state.


I hope you enjoy getting our emails and have learned something from them.  Please help us to continue to grow by becoming a member of Massachusetts Citizens for Life! (CLICK HERE to join today!) As a member you will receive our wonderful quarterly magazine.

The website also has the option to pledge I can't tell you how important pledges are. Every time you pledge, you make it possible for me to plan our life-saving work.

I thank you for your commitment, your support, and your prayers.


With gratitude,



PS.  You may join on-line (CLICK HERE), by sending a check for $30 (individual) or $50 (family) to Mass Citizens for Life, 529 Main Street, 1M9, Charlestown, 02129, or by calling 617-242-4199.


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