Friday, August 31, 2012

Would you be able to house a young pro-lifer from out of state here to help our efforts?

We have two needs for housing for young pro-lifers.

Jon is Co-Founder of Advocates for Life and a recent graduate of Columbia Law School.  He will be helping in the Romney for President Legal Department in the North End.  It is very valuable for us to have pro-life people in that campaign!  Jon needs a room from Sep 4 - Nov 3.

Yvette is active in right to life in California where she has worked against doctor prescribed suicide.  She brings her expertise to help us defeat No 2. She will be at the MCFL office in Charlestown helping with our efforts to defeat this scary question.  Yvette needs a room from Sept 5 - Nov 7.

Jon and Yvette each need a donated room.  They are very flexible.  I know it a lot to ask you but this fall is a most unusual time for efforts to save lives.  It requires unusual sacrifices from us and every pro-lifer.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do or for anyone you can contact to help.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Press Release: call for Warren transparency on abortion

For immediate release                                                                         contact: Anne Fox, 781-449-1774


Boston, August 28, 2012


Statement issued today by Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life


"Massachusetts citizens expect transparency from Elizabeth Warren about her stand on abortion. All we get are vague references to choice. Looking at the groups who support her and who contribute money tells us about her extreme positions.


Warren favors tax-funding for abortions for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy.


Warren favors partial birth abortion where a baby is mostly born and then killed.


Warren favors 16-year-old girls getting abortions without their parents' knowledge or consent.


Large majorities of people in Massachusetts oppose tax funding of abortion and partial birth abortion.  


Large majorities of people favor parental consent. People do not agree with Warren's extremist positions on abortion. Warren knows she is out of the main stream on abortion. Is that why she is hiding her positions?  Fess up, Professor!"


Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the oldest, largest right to life group in the state, is dedicated to defending life from conception to natural death.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dozens of upcoming presentations on DPS ballot question

We regularly receive calls from people asking where they can hear a presentation on Doctor-Prescribed Suicide and the ballot question. As you know, many presentations have been given, but, as you can see, there are still many opportunities to be informed and to inform your neighbors.

I am sure there are some we don't have listed. Please let me know and we will post.

Thanks, Anne


MAADSP - No On 2 Upcoming Events


Councils on the Aging

Sept 12, Cohasset

Sept 13, Plymouth

Sept 17 Fairhaven

Sept 20 Peru

Sept 24 Bellingham and Tyngsboro

Oct. 10 Dighton and Salisbury

Oct 15 Brewster

Oct 18 Halifax

Oct 22 Newburyport


Other engagements and panels:


Sept 14 CIRCA panel

Sept 20 Winchester Professionals

Oct 21 Amesbury/ Holy Family Parish Talk

Oct 10 Salem/Olde Town Hall, panel discussion on No on 2. 


Boston Archdiocese: Physician Assisted Suicide Announcements

The so-called "Death with Dignity Act," if passed this November, will legalize physician-assisted suicide in Massachusetts. Do you know about this law? Do you know how it will affect medical care in Massachusetts? Do you know how it will affect the sick and dying in your community? Medical, legal and ethical professionals will explain how you can oppose physician-assisted suicide.


Sign up for one of the workshops below today!  





Monday, September 17      

Our Lady of Lourdes, Brockton


Tuesday, September 18

St. Charles Borromeo, Woburn


Wednesday, September 19

St. Jerome, Weymouth


Thursday, September 20

St. Bonaventure, Plymouth              


Friday, September 21

K of C Hall, Lexington


Monday, September 24

St. Eulalia, Winchester


Tuesday, September 25                    

Sacred Heart, Quincy


Thursday, September 27                  

St. Mary, Waltham


Tuesday, October 2

St. John the Evangelist, N. Chelmsford


Wednesday, October 3                     

St. Raphael, Medford


Wednesday, October 10

Pastoral Center, Braintree


Wednesday, October 10                     

St. Bernadette, Randolph


Thursday, October 11                      

All Saints, Haverhill


Monday,October 15                         

St.Patrick, Natick                                              


Thursday,October 18                       

St. Columbkille, Brighton


Monday, October 22   

St. Mary, Lynn


Wednesday,October 24                    

St. Peter, Plymouth


 To register contact:  Ann Cussen @    Phone: 617-779-3644





E-Mail Address

Workshop Date


Worcester Diocese:  




The Pro-Life and Adult Faith Formation Ministries of the Grafton Catholic Community will host a panel presentation, "Catholics and Dying:  Hear the Truth About End-of-Life Issues", on Wednesday, Sept. 5 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at St. James Parish Center, 89 Main St., South Grafton.   Speakers include Dr. Paul Carpentier, Msgr. Peter Beaulieu, Atty. Henry Luthin, and Allison LeDoux, who will discuss Catholic teaching on end-of-life concerns and address the proposed law on physician-assisted suicide that will be on the Massachusetts ballot this November.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  


Novena to St. Joseph - Begins September 10


All are welcome to the annual Novena to St. Joseph at Christ the King Parish, 1072 Pleasant St., Worcester, to pray for the seriously and terminally ill.  The novena will begin on Monday, Sept. 10 (7:15 to 8:00 p.m.) and will be conducted on nine successive Monday evenings.  There will be guest homilists, prayers for the dying, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  The novena is also a spiritual response to the prospect of doctor-prescribed suicide in Massachusetts.  Please consider coming and bringing your friends!  The names of those who are terminally ill can be submitted in advance by calling 508-754-5361 or by email to Monsignor Sullivan at  


On October 27th a day-long conference featuring Dr. William Toffler, a professor at the Department of Family Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University and national director of the Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation (one of the leading national groups working to oppose DPS)is scheduled in Worcester. We'll have more information.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Way to go, Joe!

Today we joined Alan and Helen to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  The article below by Joe Fitzgerald was the main topic of conversation..  It is a masterpiece.  Enjoy! Anne

Shots at Scott Brown just hurt Elizabeth Warren
By Joe Fitzgerald  |   Saturday, August 25, 2012 
Article URL:

Sawed-off shotguns are banned because they wound indiscriminately, and so do blanket indictments, which are the sawed-off shotguns of political discourse, hurting anyone who happens to be in the line of fire when a venomous candidate such as Elizabeth Warren begins to hurl her vitriol.


If there's anyone who ought to be focusing on issues rather than demonization, it's this Harvard professor, recruited from obscurity to pursue a seat in the U.S. Senate.


If she'd remained beneath the radar screen, out of the political spotlight, she could still be masquerading as Harvard Law School's "first woman of color." No one, including disappointed sycophants in the liberal wing of the media, would have searched in vain for any verification of her claim to having a smidgeon (1/32nd) of Cherokee blood in her DNA.


Now she's out there grimacing in TV commercials, feigning indignation over the soaring costs of a college education, prompting industrious reporters to discover she earned more than $350,000 for teaching one class twice a week, which could have funded the tuitions of seven Harvard Law students.


Still, she remains hell-bent on ferreting out flaws and inconsistencies in her opponent, real or imagined, bringing to mind an observation made by former Patriotscoach Raymond Berry: "Heat not only builds character; it also reveals character."


The heat of this campaign is revealing a lot about the professor.


Jumping onto the coattails of outrage over Missouri's Todd Akin, the GOP's U.S. Senate candidate whose thoughts on "legitimate rape" were universally condemned, Warren wasted no time linking Scott Brown and the Republican Party to "an agenda that is against women."


In other words, if Akin offended you, Brown should, too.


It's a classic blanket indictment, a sawed-off shotgun blast of vilification.


The professor wants you to look at Akin and see Brown.


Should we then look at Harvard professors and see Timothy Leary?


She wants you to look at Republicans and fear for women.


Should we then look at Democrats and picture Ted Kennedy's lascivious prowling at the Au Bar in Palm Beach, Fla., or Bill Clinton's lurid exploitation of Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office?


Wouldn't that suggest to her that women might trust the leadership of an experienced office-holder who's happy in his marriage, who's the much-involved father of two adoring daughters, and who's been serving in the National Guard since he was 19?


According to Warren, none of that matters because of a nut in Missouri.


Berry was right. The heat of this political season is telling us much about the professor, and it isn't very flattering.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Reminder


Robin Loughman, RN, Chairwoman of No On 2 (Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide) asks me to thank so many of you who have donated to this most important effort.  She tells me about G, who has made two generous contributions.  When she thanked him, he said he could not think of anything more important!

I cannot think of anything more important, either.  For the Death Lobby, this is do or die.  If they cannot pass this flawed suicide law in Massachusetts, where can they?  We can set them back by a decade.  We must educate people.  That can be done in large enough numbers only by TV.

You know No On 2 needs money.  Please do what you can, NOW.

Thanks and bless you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No wonder we are winning!

Poll: Abortion Issue Much More Important to Pro-Life Voters

by Steven Ertelt | | 8/22/12 6:52 PM

With all of the sturm und drang over the Todd Akin comments, the media is trumpeting the issue of abortion in an attempt to attack pro-life advocates, the Romney campaign and Republicans.

But when it comes down to pulling the lever for a candidate, polling data consistently shows the abortion issue is more motivating and salient in terms of their vote to pro-life voters than it is to abortion advocates.

As the Pew Research Center notes today:

Far more opponents than supporters of legal abortion view this as a very important voting issue. Fully 73% of those who say that abortion should be illegal in all cases rate abortion as a very important voting issue; 55% of those who say abortion should be illegal in most cases also rate it as very important.

By contrast, just a third of those who favor legal abortion in all cases, and just 22% who say it should be legal in most cases, rate abortion as very important to their vote. About four-in-ten voters in each group (44% legal in all cases, 42% legal in most) say abortion will be not at all important in their decision about whom to vote for.


Among opponents of legal abortion, large majorities of both women (64%) and men (59%) say the issue will be very important to their vote. But among supporters of legal abortion, more women than men say it will be very important (34% vs. 19%).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Does MCFL have any exceptions to abortion ban?

We have been receiving calls from the media and individuals who are sincerely interested in whether MCFL has any "exceptions". 

As our Mission Statement says, we work to protect life from conception. So, once a baby is conceived, that baby should be protected.
We do not oppose procedures necessary to prevent the death of the mother from such medical conditions as tubal pregnancy or cancerous uterus.  For these conditions, appropriate procedures are, respectively, a salpingectomy and a hysterectomy. Without these operations, both the mother and the child would die.

Such  procedures are not abortions because their goal is not the death of the baby

Rebecca Kiessling has an excellent piece on rape which puts the whole exception argument in a logical context.

The amazing National Geographic video on pre-natal development, In The Womb, is online.  It is not available to buy, but we have some copies at MCFL that we would be happy to lend you.

Isn't it amazing how abortion is constantly in the public square!  The fruits of years of your hard work.
Thank you all!  Anne

No On 2 needs your help now!

Robin Loughman, Chairwoman of No On 2 (called Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor Prescribed Suicide before they knew the ballot number) has asked me to tell you that the committee is in desperate need of your generosity. They need to raise $50,000 this week.


At first, people think "death with dignity" sounds nice. You and I have been educating hundreds of thousands of people. We will continue and we will all work very hard as Nov 6th draws near. That is not enough for an issue like this!


We have the messages that will win. The only way to get them to enough people is to use TV, which is very expensive. The experts working with No On 2 have a plan that uses TV, radio, and the internet.


We need to help them raise the money to pay for the plan. If we lose, the fall-out will be another Roe v Wade!


Please read the candid analysis below by No On 2. Then go to and invest in life.


You are the best!                                                                                                                        



PS, You can donate on-line or by mail. Any amount will help - $10 or $10,000 are all needed.


No On 2- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats




The strength of those opposed to doctor-prescribed suicide has always been in the ability of those on the ground to utilize existing networks to organize. Further, it is in the diversity of those groups opposed to assisted suicide and their willingness to focus on an issue that binds them together; including disability and patients rights groups, medical professionals and their respective trade organizations, right to life groups, ethnic-affiliated groups, faith-based communities and those that advocate for the poor and those with limited healthcare access.




Traditionally, the first has been the ability of doctor-prescribed suicide opponents to raise significant funding in a particular state or nationwide. Second has been the ease with which those supportive of assisted suicide legalization have framed this as a "Choice" vs. The Catholic Church debate.  It is important to note that opponents of assisted suicide in Vermont and California have been successful in turning that message frame and achieving victory.  




With Question 2 on the ballot there is an opportunity to significantly thwart pro-doctor-prescribed suicide advocates effort to legalize and normalize this practice in the U.S.   There are few other competing measures on the ballot in various states this November that provide the possibility to have as much future impact as Question 2 does upon defeat or passage in Massachusetts.




Those supporting doctor-prescribed suicide legalization have built a national fundraising advocacy effort trying to position themselves as the experts on end of life issues; when in reality their main purpose is legalization and societal normalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia. Should they succeed in Massachusetts, they will undoubtedly redouble their advocacy and legalization efforts in states like Vermont, California, Montana, Colorado, Arizona and Hawaii. Their campaign will be extremely well funded and we can anticipate them out-raising the No On 2 campaign at minimum 2:1.


Monday, August 20, 2012

MA is almost best of the worst!

I came across this well-documentedpresentation of the importance of the abortion issue in elections which I thinkyou will appreciate.  Please keepeducating about DPS.  Anne


What is the most decisive issue in2012?

By Dennis M.Howard , Renew America,August 18, 2012

MT. FREEDOM, NJ — What's the most decisive issue for Election 2012? If you go by the numbers, it is far and away the issue that politicians least want to talk about — Abortion.

According to a fresh analysis just completed, abortion is already the most decisive factor in whether a state will vote "blue" (Democratic) or"red" (Republican.)

Analysis of data in the 130th edition of the U.S. Statistical Abstract shows that 80% of the nation's 1.2 million abortions occur in Democratic "blue" states, while only 20% occur in Republican"red" states. That makes abortion the single most decisive factor in whether a state votes "red" or "blue." Politicians ignore it at their peril.

Not surprisingly, the issue is divisive. Fully 90% of all abortions occur in just 25 states, while the other25 states make up "pro-life America" — with just 10% of all abortions. Federal funding for abortion-related services, needless to say,go disproportionately to the high abortion states.

Like it or not, "pro-life America"is paying the bill for "pro-choice America."

The District of Columbia with an abortion rate of 50% — 2.5 times the national average — rivals New York City as the"abortion capital" of the United States. In New York City,the black abortion rate is even higher — 60% — while the rate for Hispanics is40%, and for whites 20%.

High abortion states

Twelve states rank as high abortion states with rates above the national average of 19.4 abortions per 1,000 women, age 15-44. They are: New York (37.7), New Jersey(34.5), Maryland (31.3), Delaware(29.2), Nevada (27.7), California(26.9), Florida (26.7), Connecticut(23.8), Rhode Island (23.3), Hawaii(21.3), Massachusetts (19.8), and Michigan (19.5).

All of these states voted Democratic in 2008. Only Florida and Michigan are given much chance of switching parties in 2012.

Low abortion states

Meanwhile, 15 states have abortion rates of less than 10 per 1,000 women age15-24. They are: Oklahoma(9.7), No. Dakota (9.6), Nebraska (9.1), Indiana (8.6), Wisconsin(8.6), Arkansas(8.4), So. Carolina (8.0), Missouri(7.0), West Virginia (6.7), Utah(6.4), Idaho(6.2), So. Dakota (5.1), Mississippi (5.0), Kentucky (4.5), and Wyoming (0.7).

Thirteen of these states voted Republican in 2008. Only two voted Democratic: Wisconsin and Indiana.Both have low abortion rates and both are given a chance of switching parties in 2012.

Moderate states split

The remaining 23 states have more or less average abortion rates. In 2008, they split politically — with 14 voting Democratic and 9 voting Republican.

However, as many as 6 of those in the Democratic column are considered toss-ups today. They include: North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, and Iowa. Which way they'll go will almost certainly determine the outcome of the election.

What does that mean for voters and for politicians?

Pro-life voters need to speak up vocally about the issue. Pro-choice voters certainly will. Keep your favorite candidate's feet to the fire and don't let him or her brush the issue aside.Abortion is not only a moral issue. It's a powerful economic issue as well.Fight for what you believe in.

For pro-life candidates, it's not enough to simply please your favorite constituency. You must educate yourself about the issue from a moral, social,and economic standpoint as well. By becoming better at persuading marginal voters, you can help change voter opinion.

Major pro-life focus should be on states most likely to shift to the pro-life side — both politically and in terms of their current abortion rates. That's where progress is most likely to happen.

That doesn't mean giving up in "high abortion" states. Effective education and activism aimed at the 13-35 age group through churches and social media can bring about dramatic changes.

Voters need to realize that abortion is one of the leading factors behind today's economic crisis. More than 55 million abortions have occurred since1967, causing a cumulative loss in national GDP (Gross Domestic Product)estimated at $45 trillion. That's nearly 3 times current GDP.

Moreover, abortion has taken the lives of 30% of the under-45 generation,killing the famous "youth market" that drove the U.S. economy since World War II. This contributed to a huge decline in consumer demand for housing, education, health care and consumer products.

It also caused a huge loss of jobs in such fields as education, health care,construction, food production, automobiles, and a great many other consumer products.

The brunt of abortion's demographic impact coincided with the retirement of the Baby Boom generation — creating a "double whammy" that caused me to predict the approaching economic crisis as early as 1995, while other analysts were still predicting boom times head. This demographic impact is also one of the fundamental reasons for our current slow recovery.

Demographic changes are like shifts in the earth's crust:They take place slowly and persistently over a long period of time, but when they hit, they hit hard.

Other factors such as trade policy,the mortgage and financial crisis, changing technology, and the transformation of America's communications and distribution infrastructure also played a role, but changing demographics and declining social values have a deeper, more persistent impact.

Right now, abortions are declining by a mere 1% a year — which is just what one would predict as a result of abortions 30 years earlier. Unless we can increase that rate of decline to 5% or 10% a year, abortion could be around for another200 years.

If that happens, America won't survive. And that's the big reason why abortion should be the most decisive issue for 2012. The very survival of our nation is at stake.

© Dennis M. Howard

Friday, August 17, 2012

DPS now question 2. You can defeat!

Robin Loughman, Chairwoman of MAADPS, has asked us to share this with you.  Last night at the Summer Academy, Fr Mullen reminded people that our goal is a "No" vote from every voter.  This new web presence of the MAADPS, which is now MAADPS - No On 2 is very encouraging.  So many of you have asked what you can do.  Getting involved with social media is something very helpful which you can do.  Thanks, Anne

P.S.  Investing a generous contribution is something else each of us needs to do.  After all, this is just as crucial as abortion with even  more potential victims!


"The Secretary of State has assigned No 2 to the doctor-prescribed suicide ballot question. 

In order to fight it better, we have changed our name to the Massachusetts Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide - No On 2

We have also upgraded our web site and web presence.  Please check them and get involved.




Our goal is to get people to vote "no" not to have any philosophical discussions with them.
Please let us know if you have successes in convincing people.

Thank you,

Robin Loughman, Chairwoman"

Student Academy a Big Success!

The final session of the 2012 MCFL Student Summer Academy was held last night at St.Brendan's Parish in Bellingham.  It was an excellent night with Rep. Ryan Fattman distributing the certificates of completion as 27 students were commissioned as Pro-life Youth Ambassadors.
Anna Brisbois, Laura Brisbois, Clare Marie Fecteau, Joseph Fecteau,Kelsey Gallagher, Thomas Gaudet, Luke Gonya, Olivia Gonya, Peter Gonya, MarkHennigan, Alex Hufnagel, Olivia Koerner, Anna Koerner, Austin Leavitt, CollinLeavitt, Nicole Linse, Clare McCallan, Joe O'Reilly, Nicholas Piselli,Alexander Piselli, Katelin Riley, Erica Ritter, Monica Vise, Sean Waclawik,Catherine Waclawik, Ian Jankauski, and Michael Hennigan are all now ready to carry the pro-life message to an all-to-often hostile world.  What's more, they are ready to do so with both information and compassion.
Later in the evening we were joined by members of the community to hear some excellent presentations on the dangers posed by the Doctor-Prescribed Suicide law on the ballot this coming November.  I'm sure the Summer Academy kids will be leaders in the fight to inform the public about this horrible proposal.
Last night went well, but really the entire six week program was a huge success.  I especially want to thank MCFL Vice-President Linda Thayer for all her hard work and Fr. David Mullen, MCFL Board Member and Pastor of St. Brendan's for the use of the wonderful facilities.
I really enjoyed meeting all the great kids who participatedand I hope to have an even bigger group for next year's academy.
Thanks so much for all the support!
Best regards,
John Triolo
MCFL Director of Communications

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No On 2 - how you can help defeat doctor-prescribed suicide

We now know that the doctor-prescribed suicide ballot question is number 2 on the Nov 6th ballot.  So the campaign becomes "No On 2", which is all people really need to know.  The Alliance has asked me to forward this message:

Please email all your contacts today and encourage them to "Like" the No On 2 Facebook page:
and follow No On 2 on Twitter:

I am really impressed with the way the Alliance is building their web presence!  We must do all we can to help!

What is a better word for "untruth"?

A better word for untruth would be three words: National Catholic Reporter

Nellie Gray, RIP

Dear, indomitable Miss Nellie has died at age 88.  Nellie founded the March for Life in 1974 and guided it ever since, working full-time year-round so that millions of pro-lifers could witness and lobby on the sad anniversary of Roe v Wade.  What an impact the March has had!  Nellie made a point of incorporating groups of post-abortive woman, minority and young participants.

In 1976, when we ran Ellen McCormack for President because the Democratic party was leaving its roots, Nellie organized a March in New York before the Convention. 

Nellie came to Boston in 2010 to address the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund Dinner.  I picked her up at the airport.  The March for Life Principles have always been "no compromise", which some have interpreted as being opposed to laws like the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.  Nellie explained to me that she favored the Ban and other efforts to cut down on the number of abortions.  She was able to visit with her old friend, Dr Mildred Jefferson.  As it turned out, this was shortly before Dr Jefferson's death.

If November 6th develops as we hope, this March will be the largest, most joyful ever.  I'm sure Nellie, in her usual way, is already praying up a storm for that to happen.  I hope all of us will get to the March in Nellie's honor this year.  Anne