Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Does MCFL have any exceptions to abortion ban?

We have been receiving calls from the media and individuals who are sincerely interested in whether MCFL has any "exceptions". 

As our Mission Statement says, we work to protect life from conception. So, once a baby is conceived, that baby should be protected.
We do not oppose procedures necessary to prevent the death of the mother from such medical conditions as tubal pregnancy or cancerous uterus.  For these conditions, appropriate procedures are, respectively, a salpingectomy and a hysterectomy. Without these operations, both the mother and the child would die.

Such  procedures are not abortions because their goal is not the death of the baby

Rebecca Kiessling has an excellent piece on rape which puts the whole exception argument in a logical context.

The amazing National Geographic video on pre-natal development, In The Womb, is online.  It is not available to buy, but we have some copies at MCFL that we would be happy to lend you.

Isn't it amazing how abortion is constantly in the public square!  The fruits of years of your hard work.
Thank you all!  Anne

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