Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney-Ryan a Win-Win for Life! See Ryan take apart O on O-care

Before you read the MCFL press release, please watch Paul Ryan deal with the President - six minutes of sense about O-care. 


A knowledgeable Mass political observer told me five years ago to watch Paul Ryan. We need adults in DC and Ryan certainly is one. We are all potential patients. As one, I feel a lot safer than I did yesterday. Enjoy the day! Anne


For immediate release


Boston, August 11, 2012                                                           contact Anne Fox, 781-449-1774


Massachusetts Citizens for Life applauds the selection by Governor Romney of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Congressman Ryan has long been a friend of life at all stages. His voting record is 100% pro-life, protecting the lives of unborn children, their mothers, the disabled, and the elderly.


Ryan has written. "Personally, I believe that life begins at conception, and it is for that reason that I feel we need to protect that life as we would protect other children...I remain committed to restoring the value of human life and fighting for the rights of the unborn...Most importantly, we must ensure that the most vulnerable among us - both unborn children and mothers struggling with unplanned pregnancies - are afforded the compassion and opportunities they need to choose life. February 2009, op-ed published in The Journal Times of Racine, Wis.


According to Anne Fox, President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, "Paul Ryan has a proven pro-life record. Also, he will work to protect life with his sensible fiscal plans which will protect patients from rationing and denial of care.


Fox continued, "Romney-Ryan is a win-win for the children, the disabled, the elderly, and every person in this country"


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