Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nellie Gray, RIP

Dear, indomitable Miss Nellie has died at age 88.  Nellie founded the March for Life in 1974 and guided it ever since, working full-time year-round so that millions of pro-lifers could witness and lobby on the sad anniversary of Roe v Wade.  What an impact the March has had!  Nellie made a point of incorporating groups of post-abortive woman, minority and young participants.

In 1976, when we ran Ellen McCormack for President because the Democratic party was leaving its roots, Nellie organized a March in New York before the Convention. 

Nellie came to Boston in 2010 to address the Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund Dinner.  I picked her up at the airport.  The March for Life Principles have always been "no compromise", which some have interpreted as being opposed to laws like the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.  Nellie explained to me that she favored the Ban and other efforts to cut down on the number of abortions.  She was able to visit with her old friend, Dr Mildred Jefferson.  As it turned out, this was shortly before Dr Jefferson's death.

If November 6th develops as we hope, this March will be the largest, most joyful ever.  I'm sure Nellie, in her usual way, is already praying up a storm for that to happen.  I hope all of us will get to the March in Nellie's honor this year.  Anne

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