Friday, August 17, 2012

Student Academy a Big Success!

The final session of the 2012 MCFL Student Summer Academy was held last night at St.Brendan's Parish in Bellingham.  It was an excellent night with Rep. Ryan Fattman distributing the certificates of completion as 27 students were commissioned as Pro-life Youth Ambassadors.
Anna Brisbois, Laura Brisbois, Clare Marie Fecteau, Joseph Fecteau,Kelsey Gallagher, Thomas Gaudet, Luke Gonya, Olivia Gonya, Peter Gonya, MarkHennigan, Alex Hufnagel, Olivia Koerner, Anna Koerner, Austin Leavitt, CollinLeavitt, Nicole Linse, Clare McCallan, Joe O'Reilly, Nicholas Piselli,Alexander Piselli, Katelin Riley, Erica Ritter, Monica Vise, Sean Waclawik,Catherine Waclawik, Ian Jankauski, and Michael Hennigan are all now ready to carry the pro-life message to an all-to-often hostile world.  What's more, they are ready to do so with both information and compassion.
Later in the evening we were joined by members of the community to hear some excellent presentations on the dangers posed by the Doctor-Prescribed Suicide law on the ballot this coming November.  I'm sure the Summer Academy kids will be leaders in the fight to inform the public about this horrible proposal.
Last night went well, but really the entire six week program was a huge success.  I especially want to thank MCFL Vice-President Linda Thayer for all her hard work and Fr. David Mullen, MCFL Board Member and Pastor of St. Brendan's for the use of the wonderful facilities.
I really enjoyed meeting all the great kids who participatedand I hope to have an even bigger group for next year's academy.
Thanks so much for all the support!
Best regards,
John Triolo
MCFL Director of Communications

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