Friday, August 31, 2012

Would you be able to house a young pro-lifer from out of state here to help our efforts?

We have two needs for housing for young pro-lifers.

Jon is Co-Founder of Advocates for Life and a recent graduate of Columbia Law School.  He will be helping in the Romney for President Legal Department in the North End.  It is very valuable for us to have pro-life people in that campaign!  Jon needs a room from Sep 4 - Nov 3.

Yvette is active in right to life in California where she has worked against doctor prescribed suicide.  She brings her expertise to help us defeat No 2. She will be at the MCFL office in Charlestown helping with our efforts to defeat this scary question.  Yvette needs a room from Sept 5 - Nov 7.

Jon and Yvette each need a donated room.  They are very flexible.  I know it a lot to ask you but this fall is a most unusual time for efforts to save lives.  It requires unusual sacrifices from us and every pro-lifer.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do or for anyone you can contact to help.


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