Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We have very exciting news!  We know so many women who have been hurt by abortion.  Some of them have cases which could be won in court.  Not only does this help the individual victim, it is a wonderful teaching tool.  People have been told abortion is safe - sort of like going to the dentist!!!

Mass. Citizens is partnered with a national organization of pro-life lawyers in a project to hold abortionists accountable for medical malpractice. Free legal help is available for women who have been hurt by abortion through The BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT (BAP).

When a good case with a victim willing to hold abortionists accountable is made known to us, we can obtain medical records and have experts review them to determine if negligence has occurred; initiate a lawsuit in appropriate cases and cover most costs of litigation.

If you have or know of a potential abortion malpractice case, contact MCFL's BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT by replying to this email or calling Pat Stewart at 617-242-4199.

We must publicize the BAP across the state!  In Massachusetts, Black and Hispanic women are most often the victims of abortion.  We need to advertize in the cities where they live.  That means radio, cable, billboards, internet.  The services they receive will be free but we need to pay to get out the word about the BAP!  Please help us to help these women!  Please be as generous as you can  Thank you for whatever you can do


We plan to start our advertising in Attleboro because of the Four Women facility there.

We have this wonderful opportunity to help women.  We have one of the best educational tools available.  Everything is in place.  Now we must let the women know there is help for them through the BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT.

40 Days and Other Pro-Life Events

Boston 40 Days is sponsoring Rebecca Kiessling at the Marian Center, Medway with a Mass on March 2 at 4pm.  Rebecca is an attorney and an adoptee who was conceived in rape.  After hearing Rebecca, you realize that not just one baby is lost through abortion, but that baby and all her descendants.  A light meal will be served (cost is free), so please RSVP to or 781-769-5398.

Also, check Pro-Life Retreat May 16 - 18 at St. Benedict, Harvard,

This year, 40 Days for Life will run from March 5 - April 13, 2014.  Below is information on the various locations.  Be sure to click on the website of the location nearest you to learn of kickoff campaigns, candlelight vigils, etc.  We'll keep the Mass. Citizens web-site up-to-date as well.

Remember, "Work as if it is all up to you.  Pray as if it is all up to God."  These are great prayer opportunities. 


40 Days for Life
is a peaceful, prayerful – and proven effective – pro-life campaign that has already been embraced by more than 600,000 people worldwide, saved 8,245 lives from abortion, led to the conversion of 88 abortion workers, and seen 44 abortion facilities close down for good.

40 Days for Life features three components:
1. PRAYER & FASTING: Join together with other believers for 40 days of fervent prayer and fasting for
an end to abortion.
2. PEACEFUL VIGIL: Stand for life during a 40-day peaceful public witness outside the local abortion clinic
3. COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Bring a positive pro-life message to every corner of our city through media
efforts, advocacy and public visibility

Four Women, Inc.
150 Emory Street


Planned Parenthood
1055 Commonwealth Avenue

Contact: Rita Russo 781-762-4391 or

Merrimack Valley Women's Health
288 Groveland Street
Contact: Paula Lahti,

​          LYNN
North Shore Women's Health Center
480 Lynnfield Street

Contact: Cori Connor-Morse,


Planned Parenthood
3550 Main Street

Springfield, Massachusetts


Planned Parenthood

470 Pleasant Street

Pauline Morris, 508-425-3087 or

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Science Again Validates Pro-Life

How many times have we stated the obvious: the humanity of the unborn, the danger of abortion for women or that embryonic stem cell research doesn't make sense scientifically?

This article in the Globe describes some amazing stem cell developments here in Boston.  I cannot find one mention of embryonic stem cells.  Of course not; because touting embryonic stem cell research came from an anti-life agenda, not from science,

This shows again that, if we hang in there, keep working, and educating, we will restore the Culture of Life!  Your Mass. Citizens for Life is working hard to help you accomplish this restoration. 

Please consider supporting our efforts. 

Thank you,


Monday, February 17, 2014

We Have a Walk Baby!

Congratulations to beautiful little Ryleigh! 

The babies are all so precious!  We are going to keep their pictures posted to cheer us all during this time of year:

You'll be seeing Ryleigh on upcoming Respect Life Walk materials.

Thanks to all of you who voted and special thanks to those who shared with us  pictures of their wonderful little ones!

Thanks everyone!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mass. Citizens Convention, March 29th - Save the Date!

This year's Convention will be March 29th at Assumption College in Worcester from 8:30am - 4:00pm.

We'll be covering those life issues that are in the forefront today: Doctor-Prescribed Suicide with Henry Luthin and Sex-Ed Curriculum with Linda Thayer.

Dwight Duncan will discuss the amicus brief he has filed in our name at the Supreme Court on behalf of Hobby Lobby.

Fr. Christopher Mahar will discuss what definitions of death we can trust.

Dr. John Howland will explain cautions with Massachusetts MOLST, Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.

Dr. Paul Carpentier will bring us up-to-date on what he is doing to help couples with fertility problems and give us the best arguments for using ethical methods.

After the death of Laura Hope Smith on the Cape and the Gosnell convictions, it is obvious there are problems with abortion facilities.  Dr. Angela Franks will speak on their abuses and Planned Parenthood.

The featured speaker is Rai Rajos, the Hispanic Outreach Director for National Right to Life.

You may register at  You'll see that there is discounted pricing for MCFL members.  Call the office at 617-242-4199 if you're not sure if your yearly dues are up-to-date.

I'm looking forward to hearing these wonderful speakers and seeing you!

You will be very happy that you came!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Choose the Walk Baby - Two More Days to Vote

What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day: vote for one of these little loves!  Please choose your darling, vote, and then spread the word.  Deadline to vote is Sunday, Feb 16th, midnight.

Vote on Facebook here:

or on the MCFL website here

Happy Valentine's to you!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gosnell Staffer Sentenced to 6 - 12 Years for Murder

Another reminder of the quality of many abortion facilities,

Be sure to mark March 29th on your calendar for the Mass Citizens Convention.  You will hear more about what Mass. Citizens is doing to make sure there are no Gosnell-type facilities in Massachusetts.

For Life,


Early Valentine For You Mothers Out There and Something Grotesque in Boston

Studies have been coming out recently showing that mothers retain some fetal cells for many years, sometimes decades, after their babies are born and that these cells can be very helpful.  The National Right News has an exciting analysis,
Our daughter lived in another part of the country when her oldest child was born.  She had a friend who is a doula.  A doula is sort of a "birth coach."   Our daughter had the easiest, most pleasant labor and delivery I have ever heard of.   We were amazed at what wonderful help the doula provided.  I just read this article about abortion doulas in Boston.

Honestly, what can one say!


Kudos to Choose Life Foundation - and You!

According to the State House News Service, some Massachusetts charities want the Legislature to lower the limit on the number of specialty license plates organizations must sell before the Registry of Motor Vehicles will manufacture their plate design. 

Legislation has been filed because, says sponsor Representative Jeffrey Roy of Franklin, each year since 2003 when the plates were launched, 60 organizations have attempted to get plates yet only 19 have been successful - that would be 19 out of about 600!

Choose Life plates are up to almost 3,400!  This has allowed the Choose Life Foundation to fund many worthwhile pro-life activities, including supporting many of Mass. Citizens Youth projects. 

Congratulations to Merry and Ken Nordeen and to all of you who are spreading the life-saving message with your plates.

If you do not have your beautiful Choose Life plates yet, you must!  Just stop by your local full-service Registry or order online.  You will meet some lovely people out there who stop to admire your plates.

I'll be looking for you on the road!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Abortion Debate at Harvard Tonight and Outrage at Fordham Law School

The Harvard Political Union Presents:
The Abortion Debate

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 7:00pm

Harvard Kennedy School
Taubman Building
5th Floor Nye A

You are welcome to attend.

Do you know anyone who graduated from Fordham Law School, even Fordham undergrad?

You will see this article,  by
Stephanie Toti is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Center for Reproductive Rights and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law. In McCullen v. Coakley, she filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court on behalf of a coalition of civil rights organizations, arguing that Massachusetts' buffer zone law satisfied the First Amendment.

Anyone with Fordham connections should be objecting to the school that they have a such a pro-abortion activist on the faculty.

For Life,


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Choose Your Respect Life Walk Baby Right Here!!!!

Once you have chosen from these darling little ones, you'll want your baby to win.  So, vote now.  Then start passing the word.  February 16 at midnight seems so far away but it is actually a week and a half.

Vote on Facebook here:

or on the MCFL website here

You'd better leave aside a few minutes to decide - they are all so cute! 


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Your Calls Have Pushed Back the Sex Ed Bill - Need to Push Some More

When I first contacted you about H - 3793, it looked as though it would be passed the week of Jan 15th.  It is now back in the Ways and Means Committee.  We are told that your calls are what sent it back there.  Now we need to be sure it stays there. 

You need to call again.

:  This time the members of the Committee whom I have listed below are the important people.  If you are a constituent of any of them, please call!

:  Tell your legislator to be sure that H - 3793 does not come out of committee.  We have been saying that it will teach children how to get secret abortions.  Some legislators have claimed this is not true.  Linda Thayer has put together very good information for you.

:  It is fine to leave a message today.  If the mailbox becomes full, you'll have to call back tomorrow.

again: If you are not represented by any of the listed Representatives, then call Representative Brian Dempsey, who is the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, with the same message.

After you finish
, please get at least one other person to call.  You will have accomplished a huge amount on this pretty-much-at-home-day! 



Brian S. Dempsey
, 617-722-2990........................ Linda Campbell, 617-722-2305
Angelo M. Scaccia, 617-722-2060......................Paul McMurtry, 617-722-2015
Thomas M. Petrolati, 617-722-2255 ..................Michael D. Brady, 617-722-2230
Robert M. Koczera, 617-722- 2582 ....................Nick Collins, 617-722-2080
Robert F. Fennell, 617-722-2575 ............... ........Rhonda Nyman, 617-722-2210
Kevin J. Murphy, 617-722-2877 .......... .. ............Robert M. Koczera, 617-722-2582
Walter F. Timilty 617-722-2380 ...........................Robert F. Fennell, 617-722-2575
Thomas M. Stanley, 617-722-2230 .......................Kevin J. Murphy, 617-722-2877
William Smitty Pignatelli 617-722-2582












Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Poll - Need Your Vote!

We worked so hard with the Connecticut Right to Lifers to keep their Doctor-Prescribed Suicide bill from coming out of committee.  We need to continue by showing huge opposition in this poll.  It is a really easy one.  Please vote right now! 


Put up by the Hartford Courant: from,0,5535896.story

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walk Baby Voting Open Today!

Check out all the darling babies!  They are all beautiful!  One of these little charmers will be the 2014 Respect Life Walk Baby!  Choose your favorite, vote, and spread the word.  Contest ends Valentine's Day weekend.