Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We have very exciting news!  We know so many women who have been hurt by abortion.  Some of them have cases which could be won in court.  Not only does this help the individual victim, it is a wonderful teaching tool.  People have been told abortion is safe - sort of like going to the dentist!!!

Mass. Citizens is partnered with a national organization of pro-life lawyers in a project to hold abortionists accountable for medical malpractice. Free legal help is available for women who have been hurt by abortion through The BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT (BAP).

When a good case with a victim willing to hold abortionists accountable is made known to us, we can obtain medical records and have experts review them to determine if negligence has occurred; initiate a lawsuit in appropriate cases and cover most costs of litigation.

If you have or know of a potential abortion malpractice case, contact MCFL's BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT by replying to this email or calling Pat Stewart at 617-242-4199.

We must publicize the BAP across the state!  In Massachusetts, Black and Hispanic women are most often the victims of abortion.  We need to advertize in the cities where they live.  That means radio, cable, billboards, internet.  The services they receive will be free but we need to pay to get out the word about the BAP!  Please help us to help these women!  Please be as generous as you can  Thank you for whatever you can do


We plan to start our advertising in Attleboro because of the Four Women facility there.

We have this wonderful opportunity to help women.  We have one of the best educational tools available.  Everything is in place.  Now we must let the women know there is help for them through the BOTCHED ABORTION PROJECT.

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