Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kudos to Choose Life Foundation - and You!

According to the State House News Service, some Massachusetts charities want the Legislature to lower the limit on the number of specialty license plates organizations must sell before the Registry of Motor Vehicles will manufacture their plate design. 

Legislation has been filed because, says sponsor Representative Jeffrey Roy of Franklin, each year since 2003 when the plates were launched, 60 organizations have attempted to get plates yet only 19 have been successful - that would be 19 out of about 600!

Choose Life plates are up to almost 3,400!  This has allowed the Choose Life Foundation to fund many worthwhile pro-life activities, including supporting many of Mass. Citizens Youth projects. 

Congratulations to Merry and Ken Nordeen and to all of you who are spreading the life-saving message with your plates.

If you do not have your beautiful Choose Life plates yet, you must!  Just stop by your local full-service Registry or order online.  You will meet some lovely people out there who stop to admire your plates.

I'll be looking for you on the road!



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