Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Potpourri - a keeper

Some reminders followed by articles I think you will want to read.
Boston Globe voucher.  So far MCFL has only $500 towards a pro-life ad in the Globe.  Please obtain your voucher today so that we can put a life-saving ad in the Globe
Walk/March Baby contest.  Submit picture of your sweetie by March 23,
Choose Life License Plate:  Now that the weather is getting nice, your car will no longer be uniform gray.  Just think how attractive and effective it will be to have a Choose Life plate appear.  Just go to your local registry.
MCFL Convention, We're All About Life, March 21st.  Register at
Student Lobby Days from now through the end of May.  Check
Jack and Eleanor Cadigan are my neighbors.  Jack went to Harvard Medical School with Dr Jefferson and was the first speaker at her memorial service.  He also made some radio ads for us when we were fighting the passage of O-care.  They had a miracle in their family.
Lauren Hill is dealing with illness very differently from Brittany Maynard.  Lauren is such an inspiration!  latest update on her condition,
O. J. Brigance, former Baltimore Raven who now has ALS testifies on doctor-prescribed suicide.  His testimony is thoughtful and inspirational!!
This looks as though a buffer zone has been struck down in Pittsburgh.  Reading the entire article makes me think it is a very temporary set-back.
The weather today is refreshing and our cause is just!
Operation Rescue spotted this sign outside Planned Parenthood in Boston last Saturday.  What do you think of it?

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