Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Night Was Beautiful and Bella is Six!

Remember when the "experts" said Bella Santorum wouldn't survive birth, then one year, etc.  Bella turns six today, May 13th.  Her life is a miracle!  Perhaps it is her Fatima birthday.

Something very special happened last night at St. Paul's Church in Harvard Square. It was a gift!  The Eucharistic procession from the MIT Chapel and the Adoration at St. Paul's were filled with grace.  The church was more tightly packed than Easter morning and I have never heard such powerful responses.  Just as those perpetrating the Black Mass are most likely anti-life, the crowd at St Paul's was definitely pro-life. 

The Choir Boys sang with their brilliant voices; the students surpassed themselves: collecting 60,000 signatures, sprinkling all the right places with holy water, getting rosaries blessed for the people who work in Memorial Hall; and  Fr Michael Drea, Pastor, gave a magnificent homily on the Holy Eucharist.  Such a lot of thought and work went into the service that it went splendidly.  Near me were friends Dr. Helen Jackson from St E's, Mother Olga and her Daughters, Dr. Karen Bohlen, Headmistress of the Montrose School, Janet Benestad from the Archdiocese, and our first baby-sitter, Chrissie, as well as Harvard President Drew Faust.  On the way out, people just couldn't help wishing God's blessings on those around them.

Of course, awful things are still out there but the prayers last night were powerful.  I am most grateful to St. Paul's Parish and the Harvard Catholic Community! 


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