Thursday, May 29, 2014

Food for Thought

When we were fighting O-care in 2009 and 2010, we cited VA care.  Of course we didn't know all the awful stuff that is coming out now.  What we did know was that they practiced rationing by not giving patients the latest drugs.  Even though the newest drug may seem expensive, it saves lives and keeps the patient out of the hospital or nursing home.  What has actually been going on is so much worse and really sickening.  This piece in the Wall Street Journal by a brave doctor is well worth reading. - Doctors' War Stories From VA Hospitals

I have never been a fan of Maya Angelou but I found her pro-life thoughts in this piece about her son heartwarming and quotable:

Robin sent an email titled "Obvious Child."  You know what I thought it was about.  Actually, NOW is recommending a "light-hearted summer romance" movie of that title.  "SXSW's Festival Favorites program, similarly sticks to the rom-com arc while throwing in a gutsy curveball: The film's main woman and man fall in love while getting an abortion" (from the review).  Develops that the "obvious child" is the twenty- something heroine!

This weekend will be a good time to be adding to your sponsor list for the Walk.



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