Monday, May 12, 2014

Attention Doctors, Nurses, Teachers/Professors, Lawyers, Scientists - practicing or retired

New Professional Chapters for doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, teachers and professors, lawyers and scientistsWe established these Chapters at the MCFL Convention and welcomed the charter members.  We feel they will fill a very important need.

We plan to produce e-newsletters designed specifically for each of these groups with information of special interest to members.  That way, when the need arises for testimony, a speaker, Letter to the Editor, a background article, etc, people will be prepared and able to fill these needs.  The doctor-prescribed suicide battles are perfect examples of how this works.

If you are in any of these professions, currently or retired, or another profession that you think should be included, please reply to this email telling us a bit about yourself and your pro-life interests.  You may wish simply to receive the e-letters or to get more involved.  Either way, we welcome you!

This effort has real potential for professionals to share information with each other and for us to be able to put our best faces forward.

I'm looking forward to hearing from those of you who are already involved and from those of you who have been meaning to get more involved!

Thank you,


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