Saturday, June 19, 2010

House took vacation yesterday - did not have "Disclose" votes



Congressman Ed Markey suggested early Thursday evening that the House reconvene on Monday.  They could not vote on Disclose Act, H.R. 5175 (S. 3295) on Friday because they did not have the votes.  Pelosi plans to have the votes by the middle of next week at the latest.  We have kept her from getting her numbers before.  We must do it again!

As National Right to Life says,

"Our members and supporters have a right to support our public advocacy about important and controversial issues without having their identifying information posted on the Internet, exposing them to harassment or retribution by those who may disagree with their beliefs."

It is fine to leave a message over the weekend urging a "no" vote on H. R. 5175.

  • Senator Scott Brown, 202-224-4543
  • Senator John Kerry, 202-224-2742
  • Congressman John W. Olver , 202-225-5335
  • Congressman Richard E. Neal, 202-225-5601
  • Congressman James P. McGovern, 202-225-6101
  • Congressman Barney Frank, 202-225-5931
  • Congressman Niki Tsongas, 202-225-3411
  • Congressman John F. Tierney, 202-225-8020
  • Congressman Edward J. Markey, 202-225-2836
  • Congressman Michael Capuano, 202-225-5111
  • Congressman Stephen F. Lynch, 202-225-8273
  • Congressman William D. Delahunt, 202-225-3111

Get outraged and get on the phone!  Thank you, Anne



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