Tuesday, June 1, 2010

America is pro-life because of you!

"If there is one extraordinary fact here, it is this: Notwithstanding a pro-choice orthodoxy that dominates our film, our television, our press and our colleges and universities, strong moral qualms about abortion have not gone away."  So states William McGurn in today's Wall Street JournalHe is analyzing the latest Gallop pro-life poll and is amazed at how pro-life the country is.  Please look in the mirror!  I thank God every day for you and your willingness to spread the love for life to all you know.  Thank you, Anne
                                             Mission of Massachusetts Citizens for Life
In recognition of the fact that each human life is a continuum from conception to natural death, the mission of Massachusetts Citizens For Life, Inc. is to promote respect for human life and to defend the right to life of all human beings, born and preborn. We will influence public policy at the local, state and national levels through comprehensive educational, legislative, and charitable activities.

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