Sunday, June 20, 2010

Importance of fathers in preventing abortions

We think of the woman having an abortion as a scared teenager. 
For the past five years or more, the typical woman having an abortion is older and already has at least one child.  These women know they are carrying a baby but, studies show, they think they are making a responsible decision.  Raising their other children has taught them the importance of the child's father.  When such a woman sees that she and her child will not have that support, she feels the responsible thing to do is to abort her baby.

Today feminists, academia, media, government, and "the institutions" are trying to convince us that men are bumbling, irrelevant, etc.  These women know better!  And so do all of us pro-lifers!

Thanks to all you fathers, grandfathers, Godfathers, perspective fathers, and honorary fathers for who you are and what you do!

God bless you!

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