Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arkes - SCOTUS ready to restrict or bar abortion under certain circumstances...


Hadley Arkes analyzes recent Supreme Court decisions and concludes that the Court is saying, in effect: "We are prepared to entertain seriously the argument that abortions, under certain conditions, may rightly be restricted and even barred."

That message should be a great encouragement to pro-life activists at the state level, he says.

He closes with this wisdom,

As we have seen over the years, the risk is to get so carried away by concerns for "marketing" the pro-life message - finding what "works" - that the pro-lifers begin to lose their focus on the killing of an innocent being as the moral center of the problem. We have ample reason to hold, for example, that "abortion is not good for women." But many women will of course contest that point, as they offer a different view of what serves their notion of a "good" for themselves. What they cannot contest is the human standing, and the innocence, of the child they are willing to sacrifice.

This is an article you will enjoy.  It is uplifting and very thought-provoking!  Please check it out!

PS.  Hadley's new book, Constitutional Illusions & Anchoring Truths:  The Touchstone of the Natural Law, with fine reviews, is, literally, out today.  If you buy the paperback, please enter Amazon through the Mass. Citizens web site.  Thank you!

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