Monday, June 21, 2010

Kagan hearings start today - your calls are vital!

Kagan hearings start on Monday.  Kagan is not qualified. Her brief on military recruitment was turned down by all the judges on the Supreme Court.  The case she chose as her Solicitor General debut was Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission.  She argued in favor of muzzling advocacy groups like right to life groups.  Again, the SCOTUS judges had no use for her reasoning. 
Any appointed Obama judge will be liberal, but philosphically, Kagan is a clone of Obama. 
Even with the limited information on her, we know that she is on record taking positions that are pro Partial Birth Abortion and pro Physician Assisted Suicide. We know, in the Clinton White House, she placed political considerations above legal considerations.

It is vital that the Republican members of the Senate stay feisty.  In order to repeal Obamacare, we must elect more Republicans.  People will not vote in the fall for whimps or conformers.

Please call Scott Brown with that message202-224-4543

Brown has been hearing the message, but he needs to hear it from YOU NOW!
Your call today will effect an election tomorrow!  Thank you, Anne
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