Thursday, January 16, 2014

We Still Have Time to Call About House Bill 3793

According to the State House News, things got off schedule yesterday at the State House.  Legislators were concerned about the conviction of a fellow legislator and the Democrats arrived very late from an off-site meeting.  That means we still have time to call our Representatives.  If you have not called, please do.  Please also get at least one other person to call.  I am repeating the information.

Linda Thayer, MCFL Vice-President of Educational Affairs, sends this urgent message:

House Bill 3793 would make the Health Curriculum Framework the standard for all public schools.  The portions of the Framework dealing with sexuality are deeply troubling for parents. They would teach students as young as 14 how to obtain reproductive health services – contraception and abortion – without parental knowledge and may pave the way for eliminating parents' rights.

We must flood our State Reps with calls! 

Tell your Representative to vote "no" on House Bill 3793.

For more information and for the phone number of your State Rep. visit our website,  Or call the State House, 617-722-2000 and ask for your Rep.

We have heard from State Reps saying they have been inundated with calls.  Please keep it up.



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