Thursday, January 23, 2014

TW3 - Your Very Successful Power Calls, SCOTUS, and Note-worthy Abortion Study

This was the week that was:

I have to share with you excerpts from this letter from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts to members around the state:

"We are so close to passing a new bill so that students in Massachusetts have access to quality sex health education, but anti-choice legislators are trying to block it from getting a vote on the floor. We need your help now! Call out anti-choice lawmakers for blocking this commonsense bill. Call your state representative, Rep. (617) 722- today and ask them to support House Bill 3793, an Act Relative to Healthy Youth, so that young people are equipped with age appropriate, medically accurate sex education in Massachusetts. Anti-choice activists are hitting the phones hard. We cannot allow them to be the only voice in the conversation. Let's get loud! "

Actually, House Bill 3793 would make the Health Curriculum Framework the standard for all public schools.  The portions of the Framework dealing with sexuality are deeply troubling for parents. They would teach students as young as 14 how to obtain reproductive health services – contraception and abortion – without parental knowledge and may pave the way for eliminating parents' rights.

Be a good "anti-choice activist."  Tell your Representative to vote "no" on House Bill 3793.

For more information and for the phone number of your State Rep. visit our website,
Or call the State House, 617-722-2000 and ask for your Rep. It is not just the pro-abs who say your calls are working.  Legislators are saying so also!  Other groups oppose HB 3793 for other reasons but it is the pro-life calls that are being talked about!

SCOTUS  We are really looking forward to hearing Carrie Severino at the MCFL Caucus on the 22nd in DC and Phil Moran at the Assembly on the 26th at Faneuil Hall.  After the arguments, the press called frantically for a short period of time.  Since Eleanor and the others were still in DC, I did the Emily Rooney "Greater Boston" show on WGBH and an interview with WPRO in Providence.  At WGBH it was obvious from all the warnings they gave me that they fully expected me to yell and scream and attack the person from Planned Parenthood.  The interviewer from Providence actually said "I don't think you, personally, want to kill anyone."  Here is the "Greater Boston" video:

This is a very helpful study presented on Wednesday by congressman Chris Smith.  One thing I am not sure about is whether they know which dysfunctional behaviors were already in place (which seems to be the premise) and which may have developed post-abortion.  Worth a close read.

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, a wonderful obstetrician and pro-life leader is going to be resign from the U. S.Senate.  He has a number of kinds of cancer for which he has been treated and will require extensive surgery.  He wants to arrange the schedule so there is time to elect a good person in his place.  Definitely a prayer matter.

CALL TO OPPOSE HB 3793 IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.  PLEASE GET OTHERS TO CALL.  You may leave a message over the weekend.




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