Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phil Moran from SCOTUS #2

Phil just called.  He is jazzed!  Mark Rienzi did a brilliant job.  Justices Ginsberg and Breyer tried to give Mark a hard time and seem to be against us.  Justices Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Kennedy seem to be with us.  Justice Thomas famously says nothing but was involved in the dissent in the Colorado case, so would vote with us.  Justices Kagan and Sotomeyer seem unknown except that Kagan said the law "troubles" her.

Phil saw Bob Joyce, Rod and Jean Murphy, and Bridget Fay, who just emailed to say that Scalia kept correcting when they used word "protest" to say "counseling."  Outside the building afterwards sounded like a state fair.  Phil said everyone in the world wanted to talk to Eleanor.

Phil says the transcript should be ready about 2:00pm this afternoon at Click on "Oral Arguments," followed by "Argument Transcript" for McCullen v Coakley with today's date.

We'll be hearing more as the day goes on.  You might enjoy this analysis from SCOTUSBLOG which provides some encouragement,

Our thanks to Phil and Bridget!


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