Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phil Moran from SCOTUS, #1

Phil is the local lawyer on McCullen v. Coakley.  He just called from the Supreme Court.  He says it is very quiet.  At the moment (8:00am) there are a few cameras outside and not that many people inside.  That will change.  Each side has nine tickets.  The rest are first come, first served.  Bob Joyce and law students from BC drove down through the night to be first in line and will join the crowd trying to get in.  The arguments are from 10 - 11.  Then another case will be heard from 11 - 12.  No one is allowed to leave or make a call until 12, so Phil will call us then.

Our side is argued by Prof. Mark Rienzi.  Many of you have heard him at MCFL Conventions and know that he is brilliant and also explains things very clearly.  We are in good hands.

We'll be back shortly after noon


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