Friday, January 10, 2014

Baruch HaShem (Thank God) and Other Excellent News

The Maimonides School in Brookline posted "Baruch HaShem (Thank God)" last night announcing that Caleb Jacoby, a junior at the school, had been found safe.  I know we all agree 100%!  Wouldn't hurt to keep the family in prayer a while longer.

Last night we also received a ton of good news about the MCFL Caucus in DC before the March on the 22nd.
In his column on the Buffer Zone appeal, Jeff Jacoby wrote, "Stifling that freedom near abortion clinics can mean — as 12 women argue, from personal experience, in a compelling friend-of-the-court brief prepared by Carrie Severino of the Judicial Education Project — that individuals in a crisis pregnancy are denied essential information at the moment they may need it most."  This is one of the most powerful briefs in the case.  Carrie Severino has agreed to speak at our Caucus !  She'll bring us up-to-date on the SCOTUS hearings and their implications.

Our dear friend, Prof. Hadley Arkes has a lot of other commitments on the 22nd but he let me know that he will definitely be at the Caucus.

AND, Mallory Quigley and Billy Valentine from the Susan B. Anthony List will be there.  Mallory is an expert on practices, abuses, etc at abortion "clinics."  Her presentation will be very helpful for us on the Gosnell project.

These wonderful speakers join Prof. Dwight Duncan, Prof. Michael New and Attorney Mary Spaulding Balch from the National Right to Life Committee..

I'll be sending you the full program shortly.

The 22nd will be very exciting! 


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