Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Assembly for Life - Delightful Success! More Buffer Zone News

The Assembly, "Massachusetts at the Supreme Court" was a huge success!  https://masscitizensforlife.org/2014-aseembly-for-life-recapitulation/
Attorney Fran Fox spoke about his role in winning FEC v. MCFL where the Federal Elections Commission took us all the way to the Supreme Court in their attempt to muzzle us.  In his own knowledgeable but easy way, Fran shared the ins and outs of the case.  He even read from the sheet containing the hand-written notes he argued to the justices more than 30 years ago.  People were charmed!  As they stood and clapped. I was waiting for cries of "encore."

Attorney Phil Moran gave us a blow by blow of what happened at the SCOTUS Buffer Zone arguments.  It was very interesting that some justices who are not our friends asked very good questions.  They got the lawyer representing the state to admit that trouble at the entrances of clinics years ago was caused by pro-abortion counter demonstrations.  Phil is optimistic.

The Treblemakers from the Montrose School, led by  Karen Demirjian, sang so beautifully that we could have listened to them all afternoon.  Rev Nicholas Granitsas and Deacon John Burkly opened and closed the Assembly with truly inspirational prayer.  Jaymie Stuart Wolfe was Jaymie Stuart Wolfe - the ideal emcee.

Rounding out the SCOTUS theme, we gave Clarke Forsythe's book, Abuse of Discretion, as a door prize.  It is the most thorough book ever written on Roe v Wade.  The current issue of MCFL News feature on it has taught us so much!

We are able to provide the Assembly, the Caucus, and all the other pro-life events we sponsor throughout the year because of your generous support.  Our year-end matching fund drive exceeded the goal.  If you were not able to participate or are able to help further, please consider donating now.   It is important to educate people and to keep the issue in the public eye, which is what these events do. 

Thank you for your support for life!


PS: There is word among the national media that the Buffer Zone decision may come much earlier than we thought - possibly as early as March.  We are following up on that. 

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