Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MCFL Assembly for Life - would you please...?

The Assembly this year is going to be awesome!

Fran Fox will tell us about the case he won for us at the Supreme Court, FEC v MCFL.  If we had lost that case, no pro-life groups could distribute information on the positions and voting records of candidates.  Just think how different election results would have been over the years if people voted not knowing about pro-life positions.  This is considered the most important election law case in the last half of the 20th Century.  And, possibly, Citizens United would not have come down if FEC v MCFL hadn't been there.

Phil Moran, one of the lawyers in the Buffer Zone Appeal (McCullen v Coakley) will be at the Supreme Court next Wednesday, the 15th, for the hearings.  We'll be forwarding to you his emails live from the Supreme Court.  After that day we will hear nothing until the case comes down at the end of May or June.  At the Assembly, Phil will be sharing with us the significant things that happen at the hearings, the nuances, and the little things that might mean a lot.

We are delighted to have Jaymie Stuart Wolfe, Emcee Extraordinaire, return to do her thing. The darling girls from The Montrose  Treblemakers will provide the music.

John has designed a great flier,

Please print out copies of the flier.  Post or leave them at church, your local library, supermarket, etc.  And have some with you to give your friends.  This is going to be one of those Assemblies that, afterwards, people will really mind having missed.

Thanks so much!


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