Monday, January 13, 2014

Almost 3/4 of Abortions Performed on Women Who Had Sex at Age 16 or Younger.

According to the Washington Enquirer, this Wednesday (the 15th), Cong. Chris Smith and Patrick Fagan of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (which I think is affiliated with the Family Research Council) will present a new study on who has abortions.

– Rather than the one-third of women commonly cited by abortion supporters as having obtained an abortion, the number is actually one-sixth.

– Almost three-quarters of abortions are performed on women who had sex at age 16 or younger.

– 40 percent of women who begin sexual intercourse very early (ages 12 to 14) have abortions.

– There is no great difference by income status in the percentage of women who have abortions.

The implications for "sex-ed" programs and the "they are going to do it anyway" mentality are truly earth shaking!  Leaders like the Clintons talk about making abortion rare.  Pro-abs talk about the difficult decision.

We have always known it was best for people to wait for marriage, but here is whole new proof that, again, mother knows best.

Thanks to the MRRI.


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