Friday, February 25, 2011

It's not just Pennsylvania! And prayers needed for baby Joseph


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Slate is definitely not a pro-life publication.  They have, however, been running a series of excellent investigative articles on the Gosnell situation and the horrors - situations at "clinics", lack of oversight, etc -  in other states.

I told you about the ease that a "clinic" in MA can gain a Certificate of Need, or can just bypass that and declare itself a "doctor's office"  It develops there are only five "clinics" in all of Massachusetts, yet we have the eight highest abortion rate in the country.  There are a lot of blanks we need to get filled in!

You may have seen the headlines about Baby Joseph.  His parents want to take him home to die in peace.  He needs a feeding tube which the hospital won't insert.  It looked as though another hospital would take care of it.  Those arrangements have fallen through.  The story is linked.  The video is especially poignant.

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, which has been helping Joseph's family, tells me something important will happen on Monday.  That gives us the weekend to pray.  God bless you!  Anne






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