Sunday, February 13, 2011

National News: Chicago hospital halting already-in-progress abortions


What wonderful news!  Women who have already started second trimester abortions, where a dilator and laminaria (seaweed) are inserted, are being brought to Resurrection Medical Center, a large Catholic hospital in Chicago, which is saving their babies by stopping the procedure!  The process to stop the abortion is not simple, but the hospital has made a commitment.,0,1339610,full.story


SAINT ELIZABETH HOSPITAL in Brighton performed such a procedure almost two years ago and saved a baby whose destruction had begun at Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Avenue.  Eleanor McCullen received an MCFL Community Service Award at the MCFL Dinner that fall because of all her wonderful counseling work, including bringing the mother to "St. E's".  That is why we have all been so grateful for Catholic and other religious hospitals, whose work is truly life-saving!

The fact that these women are changing their minds after abortion has already begun dramatically highlights the need for Laura's Law, which involves a waiting period.

Please share this story with everyone you can.  Let's get other hospitals to make this commitment to life!  Thanks, Anne



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