Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Press Release: MCFL Calls for Investigation into Safety of Abortion Clinics in Massachusetts





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          contact:  Eve Murphy, 617-242-4199

     Anne Fox 781-449-1774


In Pennsylvania, abortion clinics have not been inspected for safety and cleanliness for 17 years!  This was brought to the public's attention with the recent shocking revelations of a grand jury report detailing the horrific practices of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist in Philadelphia.  When was the last time any clinics in Massachusetts were inspected?  Can citizens in our own Commonwealth be assured that similar disturbing practices are not occurring here?

In the 1970's the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill which would have, among other things, required that an abortion clinic have a fire extinguisher and an elevator that would hold a stretcher.  That law was enjoined .  Apparently there are more regulations applying when a dog is groomed than when a woman has an abortion. 

Abortion clinics are certified by the State Department of Public Health.  If it cannot even require a fire extinguisher, it seems obvious that the state has no oversight. 

For the facility that does not even want to get that certification, it is easy for an abortionist to have his facility labeled a doctor's office, where he is subject to no Massachusetts regulations.

According to Anne Fox, President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, "Pennsylvania officials decided to stop inspecting clinics because it was determined that the inspections would, somehow, limit a woman's right to choose.  The fact that women would die in filthy, germy, bloody surroundings apparently didn't matter to state officials as long as the women had full access to abortion at any time.

"Let's hope that, despite the lack of meaningful oversight, we don't have any Gosnells in Massachusetts who deliver babies alive, play with them, and then kill them.  We do know we have abortion doctors whose cavalier attitudes lead to women's deaths, as happened recently in Hyannis where Laura Hope Smith died during an abortion and the doctor was found guilty.

"Massachusetts Citizens for Life calls on the Massachusetts Great and General Court to investigate whether the regulatory framework and current patterns of enforcement in the state provide a sufficient guarantee that what happened in Philadelphia is not happening anywhere in the Commonwealth.  Our concern is that women seeking abortions are not safe absent any meaningful regulation of the abortion industry.  The investigation should begin immediately and remedies, including legislative improvements, should be instituted as soon as possible.  Women deserve no less."




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