Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr Bernard Nathanson, RIP


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Dr Nathanson has died of cancer this morning.  He was a man of high intellectual integrity who was willing to change his position based on actual facts.

Along with Lawrence Lader, Dr Nathanson was the brains behind the movement which eventually legalized abortion in this country.  They founded NARAL, created the false abortion statistics, tried to set the rest of the world against the Catholic Bishops, and, in their own words, succeeded far ahead of schedule.

Nathanson "presided over 75,000 deaths" in his NYC clinic.  As science progressed, particularly the use of ultrasound, he realized that he was killing babies.  He faced up and became a leading pro-life activist.  His "Silent Scream" was the first ultrasound video for public showing. Nathanson's first appearance as a pro-life speaker was at the MCFL Mothers' Day Dinner in Agawam.  We got to see "Silent Scream" and meet his wife and his son.  He went on to do a huge amount of good through his advocacy, his credibility, and his courage.

The thing I found the most striking about Dr Nathanson was the fact that he honestly believed other people had the intellectual integrity that he had.  He honestly believed that ultrasound would educate people and close the abortion business he had been so instrumental in opening.

In recent years, Dr. Nathanson had become a Roman Catholic and spent most of his time in research.

During his life, I prayed that he would not lose that faith he had in the potential of others.  Now I pray we can all live up to the faith he had in us.  Anne






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  1. Nathanson described in his first book the Gosnellesque characters legalized abortion attracted. Too bad nobody but the prolifers listened.