Sunday, February 20, 2011

While the cats are away, the rats will play.

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So many wonderful things happened in D. C. this week!  The U S House voted to:


While the (really cool) cats on Capitol Hill were taking care of things so well, the rats at the other end of the street were also busy.  On Friday, when he hoped no one was paying attention, Obama:

  • removed the Bush conscience protections for health care professionals and patients
  • asked Judge Vinson the meaning of his decision that Obamacare is unconstitutional..  They have refused to abide by Judge Vinson's decision.  Vinson said his decision acts like a stay and implementation should cease until a higher ruling (that was the week of the March for Life).  Since this is an extremely clear and well-written decision and they waited a month, you can guess what they are up to.  Another judge is holding them in contempt of court because they won't abide by his decision that they cannot halt drilling in the Gulf - doesn't engender much confidence in their following the law!


We also found on Friday that a great deal of funding has already been snuck into the system for Obamacare,


Congress is on recess this coming week.  Wonder what the rats will come up with...


I am very grateful to have so many people in Congress who have their priorities straight and are willing to do the tough work!  Let us pray that they not be worn down by the lies and personal vilification and that they will have the strength to continue to do this vital work.  Anne






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