Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Senate's turn to defund Planned Parenthood


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Mayor Menino wrote to Congress urging them not to cut Planned Parenthood's hundreds of millions of dollars of tax money.  Please read the letter.  http://politi.co/gnpA9X 

Why would Mayor Menino and these other mayors want to stick up for an organization that is complicit in hiding cases of statutory rape and sex trafficking as well as fiscal malfeasance? 

Why would the letter from Mayor Menino and the other mayors misrepresent the Pence Amendment which does not cut Title X funding, just denies it to Planned Parenthood?

Could it be the huge amounts of money that Planned Parenthood gives to pro-abortion, Democrat candidates?

Planned Parenthood is spending $200,000 for commercials against the Pence Amendment that will run on cable television, plus network TV and radio in the District of Columbia. Yesterday there were full page ads in the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.

As well as the ads and getting their mayors to write, Planned Parenthood will pay for thousands of phone calls to the Senate.  We must counter those calls!

Please call Senator Brown today with this message, "Defunding Planned Parenthood must be a non-negotiable in the Continuing Resolution.   I urge you to vote for the Pence Amendment and to accept nothing less ."  Then, please get two more people to call.  Remember, Planned Parenthood has almost 400 million of our tax money at stake to fight this battle!

Call Sen. Brown now, (202) 224-4543

Think where we are right now and be proud of what you are accomplishing!  Anne




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