Monday, March 7, 2011

Received your personal call from Planned Parenthood yet?

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Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies are pulling out all the stops and doing everything they can afford - which is everything - to be sure they stay at the public trough. 
They claim to have generated 700,000 phone calls to Senators.  I know many of you have received personal calls from PP begging you to call Senator Brown to demand he vote to fund PP.
There are a lot of lies being told in those calls and in the press.  I want to be sure that you know that Title X ("family planning" funds) are not being cut at all in the House version, just none of them are going to PP.  Also, PP charges for everything.  That means a woman can go somewhere else and use the money she or Medicaid would have paid PP.
The Senate will vote Tuesday on the Continuing Resolution to fund the government through September, immediately after debate on the Patent Reform bill.
Harry Reid is expected to push for votes on both the House Continuing Resolution and the Senate version.
The Senate version does not de-fund Planned Parenthood.  It does not reinstate the Mexico City Policy, stop abortion funding in the District of Columbia or de-fund the pro-abortion UNFPA. reports that President Obama has indicated he will veto a Continuing Resolution that funds the federal government but cuts funding for the nation's largest abortion business.
Even if you have called Sen. Brown's office before, please call again.  When you call, say you want to speak to the staff member who handles the social issues.  Then explain that you want Sen. Brown to vote for the House version of the Continuing Resolution, which defunds Planned Parenthood, reinstates the Mexico City Policy, stops abortion funding in DC, and de-funds the UNFPA.  If you don't have a chance to say all that, stress de-funding PP.  Call Sen. Brown now, (202) 224-4543
It is within our reach to de-fund PP - just think of it!  Please stay engaged. We need to work together more than ever. We can out-do those 700,000 phone calls.  This is the week you can really save lives!
Thank you, Anne 
PS, You know, there is another U. S. Senator Brown (Sherrod Brown from Ohio, who is not one of us).  Please don't be fooled by headlines.  If you see an article about "Sen. Brown" be sure to check which Sen. Brown before drawing any conclusions.

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