Monday, July 14, 2014

Press Release: MCFL Billboard Campaign to Defeat New Buffer Zones


For Immediate Release      Contact Anne Fox, 617-242-4199
Boston, July 14, 2014




Statement by Anne Fox, President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life:

"These MCFL Billboards on the corner of Cambridge and Bowdoin Streets, in the middle of many government buildings, which are viewed by 60,000 people every day, remind the legislators and their constituents that the Supreme Court ruled unanimously (9 - 0) that the Massachusetts Buffer Zone was unconstitutional. 

"There are already laws against blocking driveways or entrances; there are laws against harassment, and injunctions are available against persons who violate existing laws.  Massachusetts does not need any new laws.  During testimony before the Court in January, Jennifer Miller, Assistant Mass. Attorney General, admitted that the state has not enforced any of these laws for more than a decade.

"Massachusetts Citizens for Life urges the legislature to let law enforcement apply existing laws before writing any new ones.  Let's not waste the time of the legislators and the tax money of the citizens to end up before the Supreme Court again."

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